SR+ To Supercharge At Up To 170 kW After Update

SR+ To Supercharge At Up To 170 kW After Update

raqball | 5 november 2019

That's awesome! Hope I get the update before Turkey day as I am taking a road trip to see my son...

haywood.ed | 5 november 2019

For those of us without much experience travelling, what does this mean for the SR+? Noticeably less time spent at the charging station, or not much of a difference?

Buzzkill | 5 november 2019

170Kw is significantly faster than the 100Kw max SR+ was limited to. Keep in mind, not all Superchargers are capable of delivering that speed.

kevin_rf | 6 november 2019

Unless you find a v3 super charger, the fastest you will typically see is 150kw. Most SC's are currently 150kw, with a few that couldn't be upgraded stuck at 120kw. This is ignoring 72kw Urban chargers.

Btw. On my LR, the 150kw rate tails of rather quickly once it passes 50% SOC 155 miles range. People with LR's that have used the v3 250kw report the 250kw rate starts to tail off once you reach 25% SOC. I suspect you will see a similar quick tail off. So, much above 125 miles range and your SR+ may be back down in the 100kw range.

Bighorn | 6 november 2019

Tapering has always been a significant phenomenon where max rates don’t persist, but the bump above what it used to be hopefully will.

haywood.ed | 6 november 2019

Thanks for the insight. All of the SC's along my most likely road trip (Tampa-Atlanta) are 120kw, so probably not a big impact. No worries, mine will be 99% commuter use and charged at home.

rsingh05 | 6 november 2019

I think this is great for SR+. I hope all Model 3s (and eventually all Tesla models) get 250KW.

Is there a wiring or component restriction on the SR+ that would prevent it from utilizing 250KW?

I also think most of us would take the taper as opposed to battery degradation.

kevin_rf | 6 november 2019

rsingh05, it has to do with the pack being smaller. A 75kw pack can handle more 36% more power than a 55kw pack. An individual cell in the pack can only charge so fast, when you have more cells, you can pump more power in.

An interesting observation, if all things are equal, the percent charge (not miles) should increase at the same rate for the SR+ and LR's.

Smalm | 12 november 2019

Just received update last night. Could have sworn I saw a screenshot posted by someone with this in the release notes. But was no where to be found on my release notes for 36.2.1. Anyone know if this was removed and/or any SR+ owners with latest update verified that SC speeds have been increased??