Has any Mid Range M3 received 2019.36.1 0164b9a?

Has any Mid Range M3 received 2019.36.1 0164b9a?

I see that Long Range, Standard Plus..M3's are receiving the latest update '2019.36.1 0164b9a'. I have a Mid Range M3 for less than a year, with every update I am losing the the range. It now charges up to 245 miles@100% battery.
Notes for 2019.36.1 0164b9a mention that it will increase the range, has any Mid Range M3 got an update? If so, did it increase the range as mentioned in the notes?
I will be happy if my Mid Range get back to the promised range of 260 miles @ 100 % battery.

LRS1991 | 7 november 2019

MR with EAP purchased Dec 2018. I'm on 2019.
I've only charged to 100% one time - I forget what range it showed.
Daily I charge to 80% and shows 210 miles of range. 210 divided by 80% = 263 miles if I fully charged.
I hope us LEMR's (limited edition mid range) keep getting updates. I want more power and quicker 0-60!
By the way - ZERO issues with the car. Its been fantastic.

triton3 | 7 november 2019

Mid Range M3 here, havent received the update. Teslafi shows just 1 mid range M3 having 2019.36.1. (Teslafi shows stats for only those cars that are using their service).

triton3 | 7 november 2019

BTW, mine is a 2018 MR3 w/ over 15,000 miles and 100% range is around 246-249. I'm not too worried though (yet), true range is based on so many factors including driving behavior. Also, the range drop seems relatively consistent across all M3 variants and assumed to be software related.

Teslanene | 7 november 2019

Mid range here with 22k, no update yet. I charged to 100% last week and got 249.

gmr6415 | 7 november 2019

@Maverick M3, "Notes for 2019.36.1 0164b9a mention that it will increase the range"

Where did you see that? I haven't seen anyone here who made posts about the update notes stating that 36.1 increases range.

rxlawdude | 7 november 2019

No worries, 36.1 is no longer being pushed.

syclone | 7 november 2019

32.12.7 is being pushed the hardest right now. I have a feeling that Tesla will be dropping a blockbuster within the next few days. The firmware arena has been too quiet, considering all of the new features that have been released.

KonaChuck | 7 november 2019

I got it on my MR last Friday, still on it. Live in VA, HW 2.5, post-purchase FSD. No reason why I got the golden ticket. Haven’t been early on other releases.

triton3 | 11 november 2019

Downloading 2019.36.2.1 now!

jamilworm | 11 november 2019

I have an October MR and I just installed 2019.36.2.1. The release notes mention a 5% power increase but no mention of range increase.

jamilworm | 11 november 2019

October 2018 that is

EVRider | 11 november 2019

Got 2019.36.2.1 on our 2018 MR today. This was the first 36.x version on this car.

I think the range increase is only for LR RWD cars.