Anyone tried the Jeda USB Hub?

Anyone tried the Jeda USB Hub?

Saw the review on Now you Know and wondered if anyone has actually tried it yet?

zerogravitydrgn | 11 november 2019

I have it. Works great so far. Have an SSD and the Jeda wireless pad plugged into it.

lbowroom | 11 november 2019

Yes, I have one. Does what's its supposed to do.

kim | 11 november 2019

Yes. Works as expected. I used the hidden compartment for a Samsung T5 1 GB drive for recording the cameras.

RudyElectric | 11 november 2019

Got it. Love it. Use it. It works! Got the Samsung T5 to go with it. Highly recommend!

M3phan | 11 november 2019

Ditto here. Works great.
Be prepared on install for a very very precise fit. This is a good thing but caught me off guard that it went in as tightly as it did.
I run my dual wireless charge pad off one input and have an Xbox controller plugged into the other, while my ssd is plugged into the hidden compartment.

douglas_peale | 11 november 2019

Bit of a snug fit, difficult to get lined up properly, but once in, works fine.