I have a LR dual motor with EAP, that cost $5000. extra. Tesla would upgrade to FSD for another $6000.(with no increase to current functionality). My wife drives this car and I'd like to get the Y. It comes with Autopilot standard and FSD is +$7000. So it seems FSD went from $11000 in the Model 3 (for me) to $7000. in the Model Y. I just can't figure the best time to buy a Y with FSD, with pricing and incentives always changing. Thoughts?

andy.connor.e | 11 november 2019

Teslas come with autopilot standard now, so that $5000 you paid for EAP is no longer a charge. The difference being that now FSD is much more expensive because FSD features are starting to be released.

"Tesla would upgrade to FSD for another $6000.(with no increase to current functionality)"

This is false. There are currently FSD features, but this is not to be confused with 100% full self driving capability.

EVRider | 11 november 2019

If you have EAP now, it should cost less than $6,000 to upgrade to FSD. Before the recent price increase, you could add FSD to EAP for $3,000. There was a period earlier this year where you only had to pay $2,000.

FSD doesn't yet offer anything you don't already have in EAP, but that will change soon.