Tested Autopilot on Blue Ridge Parkway. Ver 2019.32.12

Tested Autopilot on Blue Ridge Parkway. Ver 2019.32.12

I'm on version 2019.32.12 and pushed Autopilot to it's curve handling limits on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Everything was done responsibly, the car was always 100% under my control, and I was hyper-vigilant.

I'm seriously impressed. It's one thing to enjoy AP on streets, but another level to see the car handle sharp curves.

I took over in about 20% of the sharp curves. Either because I just knew the car couldn't handle it, or because I didn't want to hear it from my family.

Taking over on 20% of the curves that had chevron markings is incredibly impressive (to me)

Here's where the car can do better, and some of my thoughts:

The car had some trouble detecting the roads edge with grassy shoulders. It was also a fall day with lots of leaves on the road and lots of shadows. So I'm still impressed even with a few fails.

The car is detecting bikers on the road way too late.

Reaction to the oncoming traffic has a lot of room for improvement.


Bottom line: A for curve handling. A+ for speed modulation along the route.

vmulla | 11 november 2019

And thanks @hokiegir1 for suggesting this route.

EVRider | 12 november 2019

I had a similar experience in my Model S that I posted about recently: