Mountain Biking Trip Report - impressions on kWh/mi

Mountain Biking Trip Report - impressions on kWh/mi

Data points first:

'19 M3 LR AWD with 10k miles on the odometer
OEM 18" wheels with aero covers and Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3s at ~44 psi
Tesla roof rack with Yakima Rocketbox Pro 11 mounted side-by-side with a Yakima Highroad upright bike mount, carrying my mountain bike

I started the trip with roughly 95% SOC, and drove 122 miles round trip - bike on the car the whole time - from the Fall City, WA, area to the Suntop trailhead in Enumclaw, WA. It's about ~60 miles each way, climbing up and over two significant mountains each direction, and with a start-to-finish elevation difference of about 1500'. Temperatures were between roughly 8C and 15C for the day, with significant gusts (head and cross winds) on the outgoing uphill leg of the trip. Driving speeds ranged from about 45 to 70+ depending on the speed limit (60 miles in 90 minutes). Also had Sentry on for the 5 hours the car was parked at the TH (more on this topic in the future).

According to the trip computer, I used 36 kWh and had a Wh/mi average of 300 for the whole trip. Honestly, I'm really impressed with that - keep in mind, this is with snow tires and a beefy mountain bike on the roof of the car. I think the key to this good metric was that I avoided using the cabin heater, and instead relied on the seat heater as needed.

Anyway, the more I drive this car the more impressed I am. Really looking forward to dialing in an efficient driving routine for winter sports this season.

walnotr | 12 november 2019

Good info for those wondering how all that extra gear hanging in the wind will affect them.

This is what this forum is for. Thanks.