Driver's Side Door Icing

Driver's Side Door Icing

It has been fairly cold this week. Complete with some icy rain and a small touch of snow. The other night I couldn't open the drivers door without a light bang on the handle as some ice froze over part of it and it wouldn't depress.

The following night I went out, no more handle issues but noticed the drivers window wouldn't roll down. It wasn't even rolling down as much as it normally would just to open the door. The other three windows opened fine. Nut the drivers window with the door open or closed would only move 1/16th to 1/8th of an inch. Eventually after opening and closing the door a few dozen times, trying the window buttons more than I should have and lightly banging on the window from the inside it eventually work.

My concern is, while it has been cold this week it is no where near as cold as it is going to get. We had very little rain/snow a full day before but in the coming months we are typically get hours to days long snow and freezing rain or sleet. Is this typical or even something I should be concerned about? Or perhaps is there something wrong with the door/window that I should bring in to service?

M3phan | 14 november 2019

Preheat 30 minutes minimum. | 15 november 2019

Same here, biggest flaw in M3. I preheated the car for 20m and it wasn’t enough. And be careful if u yank the door open. If the window doesn’t roll down , you will end up with scratches on the chrome trim by the. Window

Scarab | 15 november 2019

When the door handle froze over, it was fine when I went to the car and drove to the grocery store, but when I came out of the store 15-20 mins later the door handle wouldn't depress.