Still on version 9 - firmware 32.2.4

Still on version 9 - firmware 32.2.4

It has been a frustrating experience with software updates on Tesla Model 3 so far.

Everyone who bought before and after em got version 10 since September 27. Intact within a week I.e. be first week of October.

Waited till second week of October called Tesla support . Same standard answer that the software will be released in batches and no control on that.

It is nearing two months since the software is out, called Tesla support this time was lucky as they found that my car was blacklisted due to a software glitch.

Today I got some firmware update which is still version 9.

God only knows when I will be getting version 10 even if it is Tesla’s issue black listing me why I am not sure.

I am loosing confidence on Tesla . First of all when a customer calls there should be specific answer when the rollout will take place otherwise it is a guessing game. There seems to be a glitch in the software that puts the cars on the valve list.

Tesla / support - you need to do a better job. Instead of the guessing game and frustrating the customers.

EVRider | 15 november 2019

Since you got an update I guess you have WiFi and internet access. You should also have the software update setting in Controls > Software set to Advanced.

Try this trick, which has been verified to work in some V10 versions, though it might not be implemented yet in your V9 build: on the Controls > Software screen, toggle the software update setting between Standard and Advanced 5 times, and then change to Advanced. If the trick works, your car will show an update available, which you can then download if you're on WiFi.

gballant4570 | 15 november 2019

I thought the trick was press and hold Advanced for a while, or press it 5 times in succession....not that I've tried it....

M3phan | 15 november 2019

Yeah, no need to lose confidence in Tesla over this. Try the Advanced 5-tap. Also, you can request a software update in your phone app under the Service option. I as well as many users have reported a software push within an hour.