NAV operation

NAV operation

I have searched the forms for this question, but may have missed it. So now I ask it.

When you have the NAV system route you to a particular location and it changes the path due to traffic (or whatever other reason), does it alert the driver that the path has changed?

I’ve looked for a setting in every location and cannot find it, but it is very frustrating when the NAV changes the route and doesn’t inform me

V10.1 (2019.36.2.1)

Oh, and yes I do know about the setting that says alter the path if it saves more than X minutes of time.

derotam | 18 november 2019

No it does not notify you the path has changed. Only notification is when it alerts for the next turn.

M3phan | 18 november 2019

Sincere Question, not snarky : ) ...if it gets you to your destination, why the need to be alerted to a change in path?

hokiegir1 | 18 november 2019

@M3phan - I'm guessing because they may have taken note of the next turn, and if not alerted to needing a sooner one, might miss that it's been updated. It's happened to me on my morning commute. Since I don't use voice nav (just the screen), if I'm not paying attention knowing I have 5-6 miles left, I might miss that it's having me exit much sooner to avoid traffic. I've gotten in the habit of periodically looking just to make sure it hasn't changed, though.

donlen.k.ruffin | 18 november 2019

@M3Phan - the response from Hokiegir1 was exactly on point. I actually use “voice NAV” also, but here is my personal issue (yep, I realize it may only be me).

The nav says “go 15 miles then take exit 123”. I get in the left lane of a 4 lane road as I know I am not exiting for awhile. 8 minutes into the drive, NAV says “take the 987 exit on the right”, and I get that warning when there is only 1/4 to 1/2 mile to get over.

At first I thought it was just me, but on today’s 50 mile one way drive it happened 3 times due to changing road conditions. I commute about 100 miles daily.

Hope that helps explain why I asked.

Note: when google maps “changes” your route, it actually informs you that it changed, prompting you to realize/process the new overall route directions.

donlen.k.ruffin | 18 november 2019

Sorry M3Phan - I realize I didn’t actually answer your question.

Because the NAV is trying to route me around an “issue” but not in enough time to do anything about it. I get the warning to “turn” and most times I am not in a position to “turn” due to the lane I am in or other conditions.

So while it does “Get me there”, it is often not in the manner it wanted to get me there.


jdcollins5 | 18 november 2019

It will surprise you the first time it happens. I received a reroute on I-95 in SC. I was wary about the new route but others were turning off. It ended up being a major wreck that shut the southbound lanes for a long time. We were able to take about a 30 mile detour and jump back on just below the wreck and continue our trip.

M3phan | 18 november 2019

@ donlen.k.ruffin, ohhh, I got it. Yes, I actually had that one time, a freeway accident and it changed my route to exit sooner and I was too close to the exit and too far over in the opposite lane to do anything about it. Yep, gotcha

WhiteWi | 18 november 2019

Maybe raise time and it won't try to change your route that often? I set ours to 10 min.

donlen.k.ruffin | 19 november 2019

WhiteWi - mine is 10 mins also. I could only assume the “issue ahead” is longer than a 10 min delay.

EVRider | 19 november 2019

We’ve gone on a few long road trips in my Model S in the last 3 years, and the navigation’s re-routing algorithm has definitely improved over time. Earlier, the car would suggest alternate routes that were slower than the original. Any tine the car tried to reroute us, my wife would check Google to see if it used the same alternate route, and if not we would stick to the original route. The rerouting was better on our recent road trip, but we still ignored the suggested route changes in some cases.

Bighorn | 19 november 2019

Maybe two percent of drivers successfully avoided a five mile, hour long back up that Tesla routed me around this summer.