Found my missing miles

Found my missing miles

I am one of the people complaining about missing miles, ie, my Model 3 AWD came with 278 miles on a 90% charge but went way down this year to 260, apparently after a software update about April. Anyway, the weather turned much colder last week so I charged it up to 90% and went driving. Slowly, no rapid accelerations, no A/C or defroster and made sure the heater didn't come on.

Typically by the time the dash registered 40 miles remaining I would see the odometer show about 150 miles driven, so around 70 missing miles or about 25%. This time I got down to 40 miles remaining and I was only missing about 10 miles. I have not seen that good mileage since early in the year. I assume this means the A/C takes a LOT of power, like maybe 25%. I do know the heater also takes a bunch, but it's very hard to control without just turning the entire system off and cracking a window. I like many people would like to see a Heater on/off button next to the A/C.

So, for now I'm going to stop complaining, except that I never saw the 5% or 7.5& or whatever it was supposed to be increase with 2019.36.2. I think AWD didn't get it for some reason.

jebinc | 18 november 2019

I don’t think anyone got a range increase with 36.2.1, only a lower increase for now.

bradbomb | 18 november 2019

@mknewman Do you have your wh/mi average that the trip meter shows? I don't think the A/C takes as much power as you think unless you have it on full blast.

Bighorn | 18 november 2019

Even on max, AC draws about 2 kW, so unlikely to even contribute 10 % to energy used. Heat uses about 3 times as much. “Missing miles” isn’t a thing. It’s efficiency achieved vs EPA efficiency.

CincyM3 | 18 november 2019

It can be due to regen braking

CST | 18 november 2019

Were you two-foot driving with one on the brake? LOL!

Tesla2018 | 18 november 2019

My average monthly mileage or whatever you want to call it went from 240kwh up to 250kwh from the winter to the summer..I have my ac on from April until November since it is usually in the 80s or 90s everyday.