Model 3 Turning Click

Model 3 Turning Click

I have recently experienced my Model 3 making clicking noises form the front drivers side wheel when making a right hand turn. It changes based on velocity. Anyone experience this before?

I took it to the service center last week, was told bad bering and replaced it. Still clicks.

Took delivery on 10-23-19, and the car has 3K on it.

ialsoagree | 19 november 2019

I've been having the same issue for about two months, I believe from the passenger side. I think only left turns, sounds like a baseball card in a bike wheel. Only at low speeds (below 10mph). My car was built October 2018 and has over 12K miles.

I suspected a bad CV joint but can't feel any hole in the boot and I've put at least 2,000 miles on it without issue. SC is 3+ hours away and mobile refused to come out. Planning to take it to a local mechanic.