Best car cover for new Model X?

Best car cover for new Model X?

what’s the best car cover? The one by Tesla is way more expensive the others. Is it really better?

inconel | 21 november 2019

I love the Tesla indoor cover for the X. It's soft and stretchable and feel luxurious, much much better than the cheap $100 or so non-Tesla cover we bought for the S.
The only thing I don't like about the Tesla cover is the big "TESLA" logo but I got used to it.

poloX | 22 november 2019

No side mirrors. I don’t like the look either but I think this give us a lot of room to wrap it with whatever design we want, stickers, ....lots of 3rd party stuff can be installed to make it looks slightly different. The specs are crazy. Wonder how much it weight and what is the kWh/mile? Interior stuff too, speakers,

govibak | 22 november 2019

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