Please build a car or SUV off of the Cyber Truck

Please build a car or SUV off of the Cyber Truck

I have zero use for a truck bed but I love everything else about the Cyber Truck, the 500 mile range, the air suspension, the ability to go off road, the bulletproof body, but I want it in a smaller form factor. I also really like the looks, this is what the 21st century was supposed to look like.

andy.connor.e | 22 november 2019

The design idea of the exterior is the right way to think. That truck will last 100 years because of the stainless steel exterior. This is the kind of sustainability we need.

PXPX | 28 november 2019

Stainless steel exterior is a great idea, but Tesla interior never looks good, as their roof never flat, feeling so depressive, that's why I canceled mode 3 order deposited early 2016 and still not going to buy a Tesla.

lbowroom | 28 november 2019

Happy roofs are flat?

kevin_rf | 28 november 2019

He does have a point

PECo CT | 28 november 2019


jordanrichard | 28 november 2019

All of the flat panels will certainly making putting wraps on it a lot easier........

Sparky | 28 november 2019

@PXPX, isn't this forum restricted to verified owners?

I'd love to see an RV camper based on the Cybertruck. A real one; not just a tent strapped to the box.

MAB1980 | 28 november 2019
gballant4570 | 28 november 2019

PXPX, so happy for your troll ass.

gballant4570 | 28 november 2019

bjrosen, I am with you on this - while I have pre-ordered a Cybertruck, I think the concept could certainly be expanded into a range of vehicles. A smaller Cybertruck, a larger CyberSUV, and a smaller CyberSUV.

Fuzzball | 29 november 2019

If CT were available in SUV form, id definitely kill my Y order. I want a large SUV for family...

lfmadison | 30 november 2019

I'm with you Fuzzball, I love the X but hate the doors. I would love the CT in a more normal SUV style

don.lind | 2 december 2019

@sparky - I'm pretty sure the "you must be an owner" restriction is on "starting a new thread" vs. "posting a comment on an existing thread"... you gotta be a verified owner to start a thread of your own. By the way, love your name... makes me smile... Makes me think of Chevy Chase in the old Vacation movie - his wife called him Sparky... I suspect your use of Sparky, though, is more "it's an EV" kind of thing... either way, nice.

don.lind | 2 december 2019

Perhaps Simone Giertz will buy a Cyber Truck and turn it into a sedan.
Like when she turned her Model 3 into a pickup truck:

If you somehow missed that story, check out the youtube link above...