Question about delivery / license plate

Question about delivery / license plate

I have a question about delivery that I haven't been able to get anyone at Tesla to respond to. (Side note: my 2016 Model S order/delivery in CA was fantastic. I'm trading it in for a new MX in Utah, where we've since moved, and the experience has been terrible. Takes forever to get a response from anyone, totally disorganized, etc.)

In Utah you get a choice of 3 license plates when you register a car. I've asked Tesla when I will be able to choose, and I haven't received a response. Minor thing, but I wish someone there could just answer my question. Figured I'd try here.

whartline | 23 november 2019

I understand! When I bought my Model S in 2015 the experience was fantastic, they always kept me apprised of what was going on and answered all emails. Now, the last email I sent about my ordered Model X took 13 days to get answered and they didn't answer my questions.

From what I understand, Tesla doesn't register you vehicle in states other than California (Not sure if they do in California) I live in Louisiana and I had to pay the taxes and register the vehicle myself.

switters | 24 november 2019

Thanks whartline. Would have taken the Tesla sales rep 3 seconds to text this back to me. Ah, well.

They have also not yet provided a trade-in value for my MS 90D even though I completed the application online as part of my delivery process, and have asked a few times.

CatTrax | 24 november 2019

I spend most of my time in the UP of Michigan and picked up my MX100 in Chicago in mid-August of this year. Tesla did register the car in the State of TN and I did pay TN State sales tax at the time I picked up the car (don't ask about the UP and TN . . . it's too long a story). This was all the easy stuff. I received a 30 day temporary tag, but as it began to "time out" I emailed the customer service specialist I had been originally assigned to pre-delivery, who was totally inept. His response was NO RESPONSE, despite repeated emails and phone messages . . . being certain that I never came across as being impatient or angry. As the clock struck twelve . . . I finally rested toreaching out to the Tesla associate who did the delivery check out with me. Although he lacked the decision making power needed to rectify the situation . . . he successfully connected me with the store manager who, in turn called Tesla in Nashville and found the title application paperwork . . . had a new 30-day temp tag Fed-Ex'd to me in the UP, and by the time I returned to Memphis . . . my permanent plate arrived long before the 2nd temp tag expired. My advice is to develop a relationship with someone at the Tesla dealership where you picked up the car . . . be sure to get his/her personal text and cell phone number . . . screw Tesla email and Tesla phone numbers. Treat him/her with respect and it should work out. On my return to Memphis from the UP this fall . . . I brought the Tesla associate who was so helpful a six-pack of terrific craft beer made in Michigan . . . a bag of special pretzels made in North Dakota and some Yooper chocolate. Every good deed deserves a good favor. Good luck!!

whartline | 24 november 2019

I submitted my trade-in before I ordered the MX. They sent me their offer a few days later. Unfortunately, my Sales rep sent me a lower offer a couple of days after I submitted the amount I owed on the Model S. Since it has taken them more than 4 weeks to deliver the car I'm sure they will tell me the previous offer has expired.

If it has been more than 5 days I would submit another trade-in request or make a phone call to the sales rep.