Track mode Vs ludicrous

Track mode Vs ludicrous

What's the difference between track mode and ludicrous mode?
Just wondering if an OTA update for ludicrous on the model 3 performance is "technically possible" and if not what else it requires?

gmr6415 | 28 november 2019

Page 69 of the owners' manual

"Track Mode, available only on Performance Model 3 vehicles, modifies the vehicle's stability control, traction control, regenerative braking, and cooling system to increase performance and handling while driving on closed circuit courses. Track Mode improves cornering ability by intelligently using the vehicle's motors, and regenerative and traditional braking systems. When enabled, the cooling system runs at an increased level during and after aggressive driving sessions to allow your vehicle’s systems to withstand the surplus heat."

Ludicrous Mode on Model S preconditions the battery and allows greatly increased current flow to the motor. I believe that's for a limited amount of time. Maybe someone who has an S with ludicrous mode can better explain.

rtshefe | 28 november 2019

im guessing a ludicrous mode COULD be implemented on the p3d
they could use the same preheating method that is used to warm the pack while navigating to a supercharger, and in conjunction..the software could allow slightly more current draw from the pack when all of the parameters are met (temp, resistance, etc)

model3AZ42 | 28 november 2019

In a nutshell track mode turns off most safety features which allows you to drive the car “harder”. Biggest example is it turns off traction control. It also increases the cooling to the battery. It doesn’t increase performance in a straight line.

Ludicrous increases straight line performance due to what others described above. I believe they can give us ludicrous in the Performance 3. Can’t wait if they do.

lbowroom | 28 november 2019

“ Biggest example is it turns off traction control.”
No, it just changes the control. For example it allows the back end to kick out to a greater angle and increases regen.

Magic 8 Ball | 28 november 2019

Ludicrous is so yesterday, plaid is the future.

lbowroom | 28 november 2019

Yes, hopefully no special mode with a delay is required for max performance

rajan900 | 28 november 2019

When plaid comes out hopefully we can get ludicrous on the m3p!
The hardware should all be there

lbowroom | 28 november 2019

The term “ludicrous “ means exactly what in your mind? On the S it means having to wait and preheat batteries. Is that what you want? Or do you just want to free up everything it can do?

lbowroom | 28 november 2019

Do you just want the knob to go to 11?

rtshefe | 28 november 2019

ludicrous has to preheat because a non-heated pack has more resistance and therefore cant provide the same current (im guessing software senses when its properly heated and then will allow more current draw for a harder launch)..I wouldnt mind being able to drop a tenth or two off my quarter mile. Its not like the car would be slow when ludicrous is not enabled, it would really just give an advantage in a drag race situation..