SR+ range 227 mi?

SR+ range 227 mi?

Usually I only charge my car to 70%, but now I charged to 100% for a trip. I only get 227mi for my SR+; I thought the range was supposed to be 250mi. Does the estimated range depend on driving patterns?

stingray.don | 29 november 2019

Just check the many threads on this topic. It is normal and the range is just an estimate. Unless you very recently purchased your car, you should have had 240 miles rated range rather than 250.

baggioroberto1982 | 29 november 2019

I agree, but with the recent V10+ update, there should have been a ~5% increase.

stingray.don | 29 november 2019

5% increase in power not range | 29 november 2019

@ahostmadsen - the range is not dependant on driving patterns. It is based on the EPA mileage and is fixed. What does change is the range calibration slowly goes down over time as it is an estimate of the battery charge. There is no way to exactly measure the battery's chemical reactions in real-time. You can get a good estimate by monitoring power going in and out of the battery.

To recalibrate the range shown, you discharge to under 20%, then charge to 100%, and check the range within an hour. It should be closer to 240. Battery degradation is typically 2-3% for the first year and about 1% per year thereafter (at 12K miles/year).

The most common reason it is far off is people charge to 100% and only look at the value many hours later. For example if it charges to 100% at 3 am, and you check it a 9 am, 6 hours later, it may drain 6-12 miles from having Sentry mode or other features active that drain the battery. | 29 november 2019

I forgot to talk about cell balancing. Tesla periodically balances the cells to make them all close to the same voltage. The process of doing this can also reduce the range. We don't know how often this occurs, and I don't have a good number as to how it affects range. I think it is done infrequently, but perhaps more often when you charge to 100%.

Some say you have to do the < 20 SOC to 100% three times in a row to get the real battery level. The thought is the first time you get to 100%, it does the cell balancing. The later 20-100% SOC cycles do not perform the load balancing if done within a short time period.

Best to just enjoy the car and not worry so much about the numbers. :)

FISHEV | 29 november 2019

"I thought the range was supposed to be 250mi. Does the estimated range depend on driving patterns?"

Estimated range is based on driving patters.

Rated Range, what Tesla shows with the green battery icon, should just show EPA base range less any battery degradation. What was your Rated Range of 100% charge?

Bighorn | 29 november 2019

Don’t go down that rabbit hole of stupid.

Smalm | 29 november 2019

OP, I am at 224 for 100% for my SR+. There are numerous posts out there on this even some saying it is a software glitch. The estimate (the miles on the battery icon) is based on a constant (I’ve found to be 220 wh/mi) * what the BMS estimates available battery capacity (so no it does not change based on your driving style). While you can try the re-calibration, in my experience (4+ times) it has had no impact. There are reports that on 2019.36.2.3 update that range estimate has increased by about 10 miles. I’m hoping to receive it soon, so haven’t been able to verify. Will be interesting to see if they have unlocked some actual capacity OR just changed the constant. If the latter, then it will only make you feel better and won’t change the actual range.

ahostmadsen | 29 november 2019

@Smalm: yes, 224 match with my 227. I guess it's correct it was rated for 240mi when I bought it, so it dropped 13mi. I only had the car 6 months.

In fact, it seems the drop happened a few months ago. The range at 80% charge dropped from 192 (which exactly corresponds to 240mi at 100%) to around 185mi. I did not pay much attention to it, just thought perhaps some fluctuation of how much it charges.