Advanced summon is going nuts

Advanced summon is going nuts

I have been using Advanced Summon since it came out, but recently it's been doing dumb things. I'll fire it up when I leave my building and make sure the target is where I want it. When I do the Go to Target it moves the car out of my spot where it is backed in and then turns the opposite direction from me, where I stop it. Very embarrassing. It's worked well up to now.

Joshan | 3 december 2019

it drove away from me a few days ago :( I looked like a moron going after my car going the opposite way it said it would. It also wanted to go forward 3 days ago when a car was parked in front of me. Its very YMMV right now.

Smhach | 3 december 2019

Clearly your car was not happy with you and was running away to join the circus.

M3phan | 3 december 2019

Before activating the car, you should be able to see the blue line indicating it’s projected path, and if it’s drawn away from me, I never engage. What I’ve noticed is most of the time it’s projected to drive away from me, it’s because it’s taking a longer route around to me instead of the most direct route.
I tend to use “come to me,” more than “go to target.”

Joshan | 3 december 2019

Come to me works WAY better, but it doesn't seem to work without summon standby on. Is there a way to use come to me without the huge battery loss of summon stand by?

mknewman | 3 december 2019

I don't use Come to me because it uses a LOT more battery, about 1 mile per hour of sitting. Tesla needs to work on it's idle power management a lot, too many things like Sentry and Summon keep it awake and the CPU burning.

Lonestar10_1999 | 3 december 2019

Agreed. It worked way better originally. Each subsequent firmware revision has made it worse. Now I am reluctant to show it off when parked at work.

Joshan | 3 december 2019

since I turned off Summon Standby it sucks. When I turn that back on it works fine. I do not see what that is necessary and hope they can fix what seems to be a bug.

M3phan | 3 december 2019

You don’t need to have standby on to use come to me.
It takes a couple of seconds more to get the cameras ready when you activate it, but come to me works without standby mode activated.

Joshan | 3 december 2019

really? huh never seen it come up. I will try waiting longer.

M3phan | 3 december 2019

Yep. Turn off standby mode. The. Next time you open Summon on your phone, and press Smart Summon, when the map opens up switch from Go to Target to Come
To Me by pressing the target icon upper right screen. It should switch to Come to Me pretty much immediately.

M3phan | 3 december 2019

8 times out of 10 it’s ready to go within a few seconds. A couple times out of 10, the phone doesn’t connect and I have to start over.

Joshan | 3 december 2019

awesome thanks!!

mknewman | 4 december 2019

I get Reconnect a lot too, but thanks for the hint M3phan. Be nice to have an official doc or video.

LostInTx | 4 december 2019

I have the sole Tesla at work and colleagues occasionally want to see "what's new". With 4 coworkers watching, I summoned my car but instead of driving to me, it veered and had I not stopped it, would have run over a 3-foot high pile of branches just pruned from some of our oak trees. Pretty embarrassing..

greg-hart | 10 december 2019

I am a new M3 owner and have tried Smart Summons 4 times now, each in what I believed to be pretty simple parking lots (just back up and drive forward, no other traffic coming). The first time it worked well in a BestBuy parking lot, backed up and pulled up to me. The next 3 all had issues. One backed out and just stopped, not sure why as nothing was in its way or coming. The next was in a parking lot and it backed out, drove across all the open spaces and was headed straight for a cart return and I had to stop. The last was yesterday where it backed out of a parking spot and started pulling forward to me fine, but probably 50 feet from me it abruptly veered to its right looking like it was going to park again and getting close to another car before I stopped the summons.

Not sure if this is new issues as I have only recently used it since I got my car and the V10 upgrade. All in all, not something to feel comfortable with at all at this point.

billlake2000 | 10 december 2019

Lotsa rain in the forecast. Need this to work, as I do not like to go dancing in the rain, like a goofy nitwit or potato head

nick-r | 10 december 2019

I've only tried it a few times, but it only works well when there are no other cars around. A couple of weeks ago, I tried it in a parking lot where had backed into the space. There were cars parked on both the left and right side of my car. When I summoned the car, instead of moving forward out of the parking space and turning towards me, it immediately turned and stopped 1 inch from hitting the car next to it.

I got lucky there was no damage. I won't be trying that again.