What will future EVs look like?

What will future EVs look like?

Now that we've seen the game changing design of the cyber truck, what will the next breakthrough design look like? In my opinion, it will look more like a cross between a stage coach and ski gondola,(a bit like Cinderella's pumpkin too) with a center door on each side with two rows of seats facing each other. One company....maybe google...has designed one already. Whether or not Tesla will be in that segment will be interesting to might remain the sexy/hip cutting edge company it is today, or it might take it's slice of the biggest market of all....autonomous, basic transportation...mostly on call....maybe with a luxury interior.

Xerogas | 3 december 2019

@hcwhy: future EVs Will all look like copies of Teslas, regardless of what designs Tesla puts out. Think of what all smartphones look like after Apple made one.

Mark K | 3 december 2019

In a recent interview, Franz von Holzhausen was asked ‘what new area intrigues you’.

To paraphrase his response - new kinds of vehicles, shaped by full autonomy.

Cinderella’s coach, in effect.

When Boring Co. tunnels crisscross a megalopolis, they won’t run trains.

They‘ll have flowing schools of driverless BEVs, carrying 2-6 passengers.

They will glide from high speed tunnel ... to doorstep, seamlessly.

What will they look like?

See above.

This is definitely on the roadmap. It’s the natural, evolutionary vision of Tesla.

And they’re singularly equipped to do it.

hcwhy | 4 december 2019

Mark....exciting stuff......even "small" things like a reduction of chemicals used to maintain roads in winter, will be a huge benefit to the ecosystem. However, I can't see tunnels too far outside of the urban environment. I'm lucky enough to have retired to a semi-tropical island where walking, bikes and electric golf carts are the main means of getting abound......the quality of life here is through the roof compared to the car dependent, suburban life I came from.

andy.connor.e | 4 december 2019

Not really sure, because no one saw this design coming. But i think this is going to break the standard designing with the curvitures and "sexy" exterior appeal with aerodynamic shapes that makes manufacturing complicated. I think we are going to see much simpler manufacturing designs, but overall orders of magnitude increased functionality, and perhaps even designs that make the vehicle last longer than 20 years like the cybertruck. The future is not sexy, the future is functionality. A car that can only last 20 years is ancient tech. A car that can last an entire lifetime is the future. Its the future of using earths resources sustainably.