Nav/Google maps - half winter half summer

Nav/Google maps - half winter half summer

Satellite version running for visual. Half my screen shows the 'summer' version of the area I'm in and half the screen shows the 'winter' version of google's satellite images. Very strange. Hasn't been like this in over a year. Just started recently, maybe a week. Not sure what software update it coincided with.

Anyone else?

Feels like I interrupted a maps download and it never finished. If that makes sense.

bddaughe | 6 december 2019

That's really interesting. I've never seen winter maps in my car before. Is the split horizontal or vertical? Would you be able to post a screenshot?

Mike UpNorth_ | 6 december 2019

It follows like the roads. So if I'm on a highway the left is summer and the right is winter. Its weird.

I'll take some pics and figure out how to post them.

Mike UpNorth_ | 6 december 2019

On 2nd thought, maybe its not the roads. Just large squares of land on half the screen.

I'll post pics.

coleAK | 6 december 2019

It’s like that all over Alaska and always has been. Images are all over the place from summer to winter. In use google maps a lot to scout hunting trails and am always bummed at the “winter” areas.

Mike UpNorth_ | 6 december 2019

Interesting @Cole Hasn't been like that ever around me. All of a sudden its everywhere.

pgabriel | 17 december 2019

I'm seeing this as well in the Boston area. Recent phenomenon and pretty consistent almost everywhere.

Mike UpNorth_ | 17 december 2019

I've been meaning to take pictures and post but haven't yet. Maybe this revival will motivate me.

jallred | 17 december 2019

This reminds me of "shading" in video production. Shading is where you match color, brightness, hue, etc from camera to camera so each subject looks consistent in multiple shots.

In this case, not only does exposure change, but the subject is changing as well. I would think this is a known issue in satellite imagery applications.

On a somewhat related note. I noticed on a long trip across Pennsylvania that there was times that the car couldn't download satellite imagery for my current location because of communication drop outs (no cellular). NAV was working, so you would think that they could cache my entire route of imagery early in the trip. Why wait until I get there?

Mike UpNorth_ | 17 december 2019


I think you bring up a point I've noticed recently with the maps and subject. I've noticed the map switching from winter to summer depending on brightness/location/etc. I can't pinpoint it yet. Maybe as you mention, just a glitch for now.
We'll see. No biggie. Just interesting that it started after a year or so of ownership.

jallred | 17 december 2019

I think that the map is local to the car, but the imagery comes as needed.
Have you compared browser google maps imagery to the car imagery?

I'd like to wireshark the traffic and see where the imagery actually comes from. Is it directly from google or does it come from Tesla.

I also feel like my car should hold the imagery of central Maryland in a cache, since that is what I look at 99% of the time. And when I'm sitting in my driveway on WiFi and I set up a route to somewhere, it should quickly cache imagery along my route.

pgabriel | 17 december 2019

@jallred Yes, I checked Google maps and for the same areas it's showing all 'summer' views.

4fannings | 17 december 2019

I just noticed that yesterday! I had assumed that the lighter pieces are sections of the maps that Google had recently updated, but not sure.

jallred | 17 december 2019


Sounds like something for Tesla to fix.

BTW, you friends with pcollins?

OBMinWI | 17 december 2019

I think it is 100% linked to Google maps. In my region, images match google maps. Satellite images also vary based on zoom. Example - check out the lakes near Pewaukee, WI. Zoom in and they are frozen. Zoom out and they thaw :),-88.3876886,44403m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en

lbowroom | 17 december 2019

The earth is constantly scanned by satellites at different zooms and it takes time for that to happen. The images aren't captured at the same instant. Often there are clouds. The google images at different zoom levels are knit together from the best images they have. Sometimes that happens in different seasons. Try changing the zoom level on your maps in the car and you'll see that they are taken at different times. Some zoom level of my house have solar panels, some don't.

pgabriel | 17 december 2019

Understood, thanks everyone. However, this is happening at a single zoom level where on a single screen, you'll see a map that is a hybrid of 'summer' and 'winter' views. I'll try to post a picture tomorrow to illustrate.

don.lind | 17 december 2019

I believe that at any given zoom level, the images of anyplace can be stitched together from images from different times. I know I've seen this on google maps desktop on a PC... not surprised it could show up in the Tesla navigation...

pgabriel | 17 december 2019

Yeah, I've always understood the maps to be a stitched together collection of images, it was just odd to me that some just adjacent to each other were from a different series/timepoint. Feels like a local cache of some kind that isn't getting cleared. Here's a side-by-side of the Tesla map and Google Maps. Tried to take them at the same zoom level for comparison. This obviously is by no means a major issue, just a quirk...