Please clarify $2000 upgrade to performance M3

Please clarify $2000 upgrade to performance M3

Reading here about option to get performance upgrade to M3 without the 20” wheels or red brake calipers.
1. Is that only when ordering new? Is it am offered upgrade after owning?
2. Is it a replacement of one of the motors or software upgrade?

coleAK | 7 december 2019

Currently you can not upgrade LR to performance after the car is purchased. Lots of speculation about if it will be possible at some point. In N America performance can only be purchased with 20” wheels, summer only tires and larger brakes. Europe can get Performance with or without fore mentioned wheels/tires/brakes.

velo443 | 7 december 2019

You can't order this "stealth" performance option on the website, but you might be able to get one if you call and speak to someone in sales. They should have some with 18" or 19" wheels. It's not an upgrade you can get after delivery. It comes from the factory with it. Apparently it requires an upgraded inverter.

Source: I picked up my P3 with 18" wheels three weeks ago. I flew to another city to pick it up and drive it home rather than wait for one to get in stock locally. Totally worth it.

quantum | 8 december 2019

I recently upgraded my order by speaking to sales, they have one in pre-production with 18 inch. Still waiting for delivery. Best way as mentioned by @velo443 is to call in I guess.

geherman | 8 december 2019

I did the same as quantum - I had placed an order (6-10 week delivery) but called about the stealth performance option. They found one unallocated in pre-production, so I claimed it and took delivery (in Portland) slightly over one week later (and well before my "normal" order).