New gigafactory 3 drive video out with ton of Model 3's

New gigafactory 3 drive video out with ton of Model 3's

Jason Yang just tweeted a new gigafactory 3 drone video with 400, maybe 500 Model 3's parked around the plant. You can even see a white one rolling off the line.

This coupled with car carriers loaded with Model '3 spotted leaving the factory!

Exciting times.

Is it me, or did they move the bank of superchargers since the last flyover?

yudansha™ | 8 december 2019


sbeggs | 8 december 2019

@tanya, nice touch with the trademark!

jimglas | 8 december 2019

Bankwupcy for sure
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quinney | 8 december 2019

Yes, they moved the superchargers. They are now on the side with the test track, close to one of the entrances.

jordanrichard | 8 december 2019

Pretty impressive that while the rest of the factory is being completed, they are already making cars.

ElectricAlex | 8 december 2019

Yes SC’s were moved and they are pile driving in the pad between the main building and the coming battery plant. Were i to guess, they are going to connect the two buildings next. Have to move the SCs out of manufacturing space.

kevin_rf | 9 december 2019

Btw. New picture out this morning shows the parking area that was mostly full, now is completely full with over 500 Model 3's.