WTF , wanted to crash me into side of a semi?

WTF , wanted to crash me into side of a semi?

Taking a simple straight onramp I take home everyday and let it go on NAP. Yesterday was pretty heavy traffic and it held distance from car on the ramp in front of me (set to 4 car lengths). they merged and a large (and clearly, non shakily , display recognized) semitruck sped up so I was dead middle to it. The car started moving over and I let it get within inches (prob a foot, but I was freaked ;)) of the truck before I couldn't take it and jerked it back to the right. IT WOULD HAVE COLLIDED, ridiculously close! It was red on on the display and the trucks positioin was acurate on display. That just seems like such a basic merge , could have sped up earlier (overriding the 4 car distance or slowed down to get behind it. There was plenty of merging width left.
What do you think? I use AP all the time on and off the freeway and of course am ready to take over as I know this is a work in progress. I just did not expect something this basic to screw up. I definetly was too close. I should have pressed my recording to prove it. Anyone else experience something like this? I'm thinking it situated 'dead center' against the truck and couldn't make up its mind about speeding up or slowing down? But to keep moving over. scary

KAM6 | 10 december 2019

I take over most of the time in merging/onramp scenarios. I am excited to see what 40.2 will do for this.

Magic 8 Ball | 10 december 2019

Bug report. Got dashcam footage?

casun | 10 december 2019

yep, sounds like it tried to murder you. what did you do to anger ap? i too, wish you had recorded the event. i’ve never used ap on an onramp and i don’t plan to in the near future, but that doesn’t have anything to do with your experience.

teslamazing | 10 december 2019

Would like to see footage, if u have.

peldor427 | 10 december 2019

Never happened to me, but I would likely take active control in that situation. And just to clarify, the 4 that you set in the AP following sensitivity does not correspond to 4 car lengths, or 4 seconds, or 4 of anything as far as I am aware, it is just a relative value where a lower number means closer following and a higher number means farther following.

wayne | 10 december 2019

It’s important to remember to touch the dash cam icon to save the recorded event then make a bug/event report.

Joshan | 10 december 2019

I am a huge FSD supporter and tell people on here all the time that I let it drive like 90% of the time city and highway. To this day I have never let FSD merge onto the highway.

Joshan | 10 december 2019

with that said I just got 40.2.1 and think I will try it today!

Mr. Spacely | 10 december 2019

I always let the car merge and have never had this issue. Occasionally it has slowed down too much when I would have sped up, but never tried to kill me. (The issue I have had is when someone is coming over out of their lane towards me. I honk and jerk out of AP when they get within inches. Why doesn't my car react quicker to that?)

RedPillSucks | 10 december 2019

Rename your car to "Christine"
Remember that the car is not self driving yet. You still need to monitor

Magic 8 Ball | 10 december 2019

Bumping of fishy duplicate.

WW_spb | 10 december 2019


Maxxer | 10 december 2019

Hope you saved the dash am footage

I bought a 128 Gb one just for this kind of situation

And sentry mode ag8nst car keyers

jamilworm | 10 december 2019

Is there any chance the car was just on TACC and not AP, and it was just drifting into the truck? Once or twice I have tried to engage AP but apparently didn't do the two full presses and regular TACC engaged.

WardT | 10 december 2019

I had a merge experience that did not go as I would have liked it. I’m in the slow lane and another car in the onramp lane is next to me. There is still a white line and significant distance between me and the merging car. This is not a typical onramp and that is probably part of the problem. All of a sudden my M3 hits the brakes to allow the merging car to move into my lane when it is really still in it’s own lane and not close to actually merging. I hit the electrons and sped up to avoid getting rear-ended. The M3 does’t handle merging lanes or single lanes splitting into two lanes very well. Anytime I am confronted with a merge or a single lane into two lanes, I get ready to take over.

drrock75k | 11 december 2019

I've not found it capable to merge from on-ramp. Looking to see if 40.2 does better.

wiboater4 | 11 december 2019

I have used it where it has really cut in close behind the car on the freeway when merging. Closer than I think was necessary. That was a while ago though. Haven't had that happen recently.

jlaurie | 11 december 2019

I was on 40.2! It was definetly on NAP. did forget to record.

LOL, @RedPillSucks,... Christine!

Sarah R | 11 december 2019

I'd actually like to see that "following distance" setting go to 11.

WEST TEX EV | 11 december 2019


WEST TEX EV | 11 december 2019

Joshan | December 10, 2019
“I am a huge FSD ... merge onto the highway.”

Me too. >95% of lonely driving in AP. <1% of merges ever. Until today. 40.2 did great merge for me today. I will be cautiously optimistic.

Kahn | 12 december 2019

I've had more trouble getting off the hwy.. a few times it tried to swerve back onto the hwy with very little room left.. I always pay mega attention during these times as you dont have much time to react b4 hitting a guard rail etc. I always bug report it when it happens. Seems to be a regression issue where fixed on some firmware's and not others.

kevin_rf | 12 december 2019

Am I the only driver on the planet that flips up the stalk and hand drives on and off ramps?

thedrisin | 12 december 2019

No. Often too congested here cars jockeying on and off ramps. Sometimes even have too stick out hand to merge. Getting on, have to appraise situation early.