Doesn't unlock automatically, have to open the app. Why?

Doesn't unlock automatically, have to open the app. Why?

After the latest update, when I go close to the car, it doesn't get unlocked. I have to open the app and unlock which is a pain. Also sometimes when I get into the car, I need to use my card to start driving. Why is that?

Magic 8 Ball | 11 december 2019

Check all your settings, sometimes updates changes settings. Also try rebooting the car and phone. Not uncommon for a corruption that can be cleared with some simple effort. More will pipe in with what else to check for.

jimglas | 11 december 2019

try rebooting your car, signing out of app then in and reloading the app
Mine works fine

wiscy67 | 11 december 2019

Make sure your phone is set to Allow Location Access to the Tesla App to Always and not While Using the App.
On my iPhone that is under Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services. Then find the Tesla app and check the setting.

gparrot | 11 december 2019

I’m running into the same problems. I’ve tried every suggestions mentioned here, but to no avail.
One thing I did see in the Lock page is that the car recognizes both my phone and iPad, as well as my wife’s phone, but in the very first line, it shows my key card as being active but "unknown". Clearing my car key from the choices in order to re-install it is impossible: in order to do so, I need to put the car key behind the bottle holders for that choice to become selectable. Then when I hit the garbage can to erase my car key, it says to tap the car key on the reader. If I do that, the line becomes unselectable (pale grey)...

Joshan | 11 december 2019

@wiscy67 | +1

This is the most likely issue, if not reboot your phone as M8B said.

Pkalhan | 11 december 2019! This happened to me also a few weeks ago. To make sure though, I also deleted my phone as a key card and reinstalled it. I also restarted my phone and the car. Never had a problem since!

ICEMELT | 11 december 2019

Try restarting the phone first. It has solved the problem for me many times.

rce.karlsson | 9 februari 2020

It worked for me again after signing out of the app and signing back in. Phone re-start and car reboot didn’t work.