Ford Mach-E Dealer Phone Calls

Ford Mach-E Dealer Phone Calls

Very funny video of a guy calling Ford Dealers to ask about the Mach-E.

"The marky?"
"No the M-A-C-H E"
"The MKZ?"

andy.connor.e | 11 december 2019

This is great. Im 5 min in, and its ridiculous. You would think Ford would want to distribute info to dealers so they can sell it.

andy.connor.e | 11 december 2019

This is outstanding. Im at the part where hes asking to explain how an EV works, and the dealer just dismissed the question and is trying to sell him a Hybrid.

DaShyt | 11 december 2019


andy.connor.e | 11 december 2019

Did that chick at the end seriously say the Cybertruck starts at $100k? Oh lord, the ignorance!!!!!

Atom12 | 11 december 2019

Is this real? That is painful.

Joshan | 11 december 2019

is that the same as this article?

Absolutely nothing but misinformation was sold to me. You can’t charge a Mustang Mach E at home, they can use Tesla Superchargers, it doesn’t have enough range, a plug-in hybrid is better, ect ect. Nothing of importance because it’s all, simply put, wrong. According to one dealership, a Tesla is better than the Mach E but because Tesla’s start at $100,000, the Mach E is a better buy

jimglas | 11 december 2019

tezlakiller for sure.

Tyguy | 11 december 2019

And this is why Elon went direct. Smart move. Tesla would have been dead on arrival using traditional dealers.

lbowroom | 11 december 2019

"Tesla would have been dead on arrival using traditional dealers."

Not if they were exclusive Tesla dealers without ICE inventory

lbowroom | 11 december 2019

Ford could open promote it through new dealers like GM tried with Saturn

andy.connor.e | 11 december 2019

No one will sell Tesla vehicles better than Tesla.

Pg3ibew | 11 december 2019

When I bought my Ford Fusion PHEV, no one wanted to sell it to me. I went to lease a 2016 and 3 dealerships told me the car was no good and it was impossible to charge and bla bla bla. I walked away from all 3 dealers feeling like I was an Idiot. I did a bunch of research and a few minths later, I went back to one of the dealers and INSISTED on a Ford Fusion Energi. They gave me a hard time again. So I went to another dealer that talked me out of it months earlier. AGAIN, they tried to talk me out of it.

I explained that they were gonna get me a car or I was gonna call FORD and complain about alk the dealers.
They got me the car. But when they gave it to me, they had ZERO clue on how it worked. I had to explain it to them.
The car was awespme for 3 years of the lease. I gave it back and now own a model 3.

Moral of the story, the dealers have NO CLUE about EVs

Magic 8 Ball | 11 december 2019

You sure this is not Jerky Boys material? : )

cnistal1 | 11 december 2019

Stealerships are NOT interested in selling EVs. Their major revenue stream is from the repair department. They simply can't survive on sales alone.

andy.connor.e | 11 december 2019

++++++++++ @cnistal1

A vehicle will generate many times its sale price in servicing/maintenance/repairs.
No dealership likes a car with little to no maintenance.

Pg3ibew | 11 december 2019

Also, before I went for the Model 3, I went to the Chevy dealer in Brooklyn. I checked their website and saw they had 3 Chevy Bolts. And also called to confirm.
We went to the dealership, and when I asked to drive the Bolt, they said, we dont have any VOLTS on site. I said great, I want to test drive a BOLT. They said, we are not sure we have amy of THOSE. I explained to them that I checked their website and called and SOMEONE said they had 3 in stock. Back and forth we went. They finally told me, yes, we have 3. But none are charged and I qould need to wait until they DUG IT OUT from the BACK. And put 110 v charger on it. Because those darned things die and it is hard to charge them.
I said, take care. Got to go.

I got a call a few days later to see if I was still interested. I tore into the salesman. Needless to say, I am driving a Model 3

bjrosen | 11 december 2019

The last time I went car shopping, in 2016, my best experience was Chevy with the Volt. I looked at the Volt at two dealers, both had salesmen who knew something about the car and neither tried to push me to something else. My worst experiences were at Mercedes and Acura, in both places I had to drag a salesman out of his office and they were unable to answer simple questions, for example they didn't know what I was talking about when I asked about Android Auto. At Chrysler and Honda their salesmen were completely clueless about their products. When I test drove a new Chrysler 300, I was trading in a 2006 300C, the new 7 speed transmission was hunting and jerking. the salesmen tried to tell be that the car "hadn't been set up yet" as if that was a thing. The only ICE dealer that seemed to have their act together was Audi. I ultimately picked the Volt over the Audi A4 because after driving a bunch of ICE cars with the terrible high gear count transmissions and then driving a Volt with no transmission it was abundantly clear to me that it was all over for the internal combustion engine. BTW when I bought the Tesla a paid three visits to Tesla stores, two in MA and one in CA. The Tesla salesmen were barely better informed about their product then the other car salesmen that I've dealt with.

4barkie | 11 december 2019

While having my bmw serviced I asked about the i8. I asked them what kind of service does it require-thinking that service is a huge money maker for the dealerships. I was seriously interested, at the time. The response I got was....."oh well people don't really drive them, they are just for show". Wtf! But then it was bmw....dumbshits.

Tesla2018 | 11 december 2019

Plugshare shows that the local BMW dealer has a charger. I went to a new owner party they had with a neighbor who just bought a car and asked where their charger was.
The sales people were clueless and had no idea of what I was talking about.

Scrannel | 12 december 2019

When first shopping for my 3 I called the "showroom" in Topanga/Woodland Hills, CA and the young girl I spoke with was excellent. FWIW

kevin_rf | 12 december 2019

Honestly, it is a bit unfair to be calling the dealerships about a just announced product that they will be selling a year from now. What the audio shows is people who have not yet been trained struggling with questions the best that they can. Seriously, these are sales drones who are really not looking much past what they can sell you this quarter/month. Beyond that is outside of their scope.

andy.connor.e | 12 december 2019
Varricks | 12 december 2019

The only thing worse than a car salesman is a ....uh....

My mistake. Nothing's worse. Few things (ebola, kidnapping, random shooting massacres, etc.) are as bad.

Kelp beds have higher IQs.

Magic 8 Ball | 12 december 2019

Favorite movie car salesman ever: Jerry Lundegaard

jordanrichard | 12 december 2019

kein_rf +1 However it is fair to ask "Product Specialist" at cars shows where the car is being featured and they still don't know what they are talking about.

I was at the LA Auto show and they wouldn't let you sit in either of the two Mach-E's they had on display unless you went to Ford's website, registered, placed a $500 deposit and only after they verified that the money went through, then they would let you look at the vehicle.

At the same car show, Porsche had 3 Taycans on hand and they wouldn't let anyone in them. When you asked basic questions of the "Product Specialist" they didn't have an answers.

This again was the LA Auto show, so this wasn't some local state dealers sponsored car show. These were manufacturer displays and they didn't have the most basic information other than what could be found on their site. .

R3d0x | 12 december 2019

This is just symptomatic of the problem Tesla poses to the traditional auto sales model. A good friend of mine sells cars for a major automaker. There is absolutely no interest on their part to sell an EV that will undercut the major component of a traditional car dealership's business model.

Before I bought my SR+ I drove the Leaf and although I live in a part of Canada that has the highest EV adoption rate they made it hard to buy the Leaf. They have also started telling owners to bring their Leafs in for a yearly $400 'checkup'. You know, to make sure that everything is working correctly...

The Chevy dealer was better because I was lucky enough to find a salesperson that knew the product. How rare is that? Sadly the Bolt is a cheaply built car that stickers for north of 50K in Canada.

My visit to Hyundai was Monty Python-esque. I needed to make and appointment to see the Kona EV. "Can we show you the gas Kona, we have several in stock?" "But it's parked right outside... " "I'm sorry, the car is reserved for another customer to look at in 30 minutes" That's unfortunate. I think the Kona could sell well, here especially. But supply will never equal demand.

I will never set foot in another Ford dealership. Ever.

As long as the car dealers trade association get to set the laws we will not see a serious adoption of EVs. It's that simple.

95dawg | 12 december 2019

A friend leased a Kia Soul EV few years ago and he got the same runaround by the dealers. I expected him to get a Model 3 when the lease was up but he went back to ICE world (Audi S4.) I failed as a friend. :*(

calvin940 | 12 december 2019

This is a Ford corporate issue.

The company introduced the car with ceremony without preparing their dealership network ahead of time.

It was irresponsible and hurts not only the company but EV adoption/interest as well since the company doesn't even feel their EV offering is important enough to provide information to the traditional car buying consumer.

kevin_rf | 12 december 2019

The whole dealer thing is such a dated concept. My snowblower had a cable fail. Go to the manufacturer parts website, and I had to pick a dealer to have it shipped from.... Yeah, very efficient, oh and I'm still waiting on that cable. Hope snow is not in the forecast.

FISHEV | 12 december 2019

"A vehicle will generate many times its sale price in servicing/maintenance/repairs."

Not if one gets a car that has a great reliability and repair record like a Subaru. Tesla was we know has one of the highest repair rates per owners reports from Consumer Reports. A strategy by Tesla to produce the cars and fix the problems in the field. The Tesla Service centers are full repairing Teslas. Tesla is not monetizing it yet.

Modern cars need very little maintenance. Oil changes for the Subaru were $38 a that dealer. The every 25,000 maintenance checks were a couple hundred dollars. Life of the Legacy 2015, maintenance costs (it never broke down) including oil were maybe $2,000 over four years, 97,000 miles. Brakes were 50% when I sold it.

-TheJohn- | 12 december 2019

Every single thing you listed as a maintenance cost does not -exist- on a Tesla and yet you're trying to use their cheapness to promote other vehicle makers. LoL.
What a maroon.

Btw folks Fishev is a super long time troll whose apparent goal is to bash Tesla and push other makers. Sometimes/rarely they say things that are true or only mildly untrue but often they go full on lie mode so beware!

FISHEV | 13 december 2019

"The Tesla rep seems to have a decent idea of what he's talking about, though he has no clue about the Mustang Mach-E, which is fine. Still, he's a little unclear concerning details but does talk about the Model Y, Tesla's timeline, the Supercharging network, and the fact that Tesla only makes EVs and has years of experience doing so."

Tesla random sales person thinks only Tesla makes EV's is a bit of clanger. As we all know Tesla reps can be all over the map on the facts...just like Ford random sales person. Expecting the average floor sales guy at a car dealership to be doing anything other than focusing on selling a car TODAY is likely more misconception on "EV Bites" part.

And give Ford credit, you can actually call and get a sales, parts or service person on the phone.

And the Mach-E Mustang is only going to be sold at dealerships committed to the EV product.