Seat Covers

Seat Covers

The Model 3 manual says not to use seat covers. BUT I have a hairy dog as I am sure many of us do. I would appreciate any suggestions--short of not allowing Janie in the car's back seat.

surfpearl | 12 december 2019

Check with Tesla, but I believe the manual is referring only to the front seats as having the side air bags. There may be no such restriction for the back seat. As a work-around you can loosely drape a blanket or towel over most of the back seat area by using the two head restraints as anchor points. I don't have a dog, but that's what I use when transporting my cat in a pet carrier (front passenger seat) or the less-than-clean humans and large objects either in the front or the back.

Magic 8 Ball | 12 december 2019

People have reported covering back seats with no issue.

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