Right side camera blocked warning

Right side camera blocked warning

Got this warning coupled with Auto pilot disabled. Nothing is blocked that I can tell, cleaned all the cameras, no difference. Heard this may be a software issue, anyone else have any experience with how to clear it, or any other insight on the issue? Many thanks!

bhanuk99 | 16 december 2019

Yes. I got the warning "Right pillar camera blocked or blinded" and AP disabled after the 40.2.1 update. Cleaned etc. Still i got error message. I thought it was due to my recent HW3 upgrade and that may be cameras calibrating or something. I did the scroll wheel reset also. I did not see the warning next day when it was rainy and foggy. Will know tomorrow when I drive the car again.

Freckles | 16 december 2019

I got that as well but left camera. Nothing blocked. Happened after 40.2.1 as well. Tried a reset but nothing changed.

MS 75D AP2.5 MCU 1

ALSET | 16 december 2019

It could just be sunlight. I've gotten the visibility limited message when driving and the sun is shining on that side of the car. the message goes away once I get out of the direct light for a few minutes.

dougk71 | 17 december 2019

40.2.1 2018 HW3 S100D and I had this error. There was strong sunlight on the right pillar. I pulled over in the shade and wiped the pillar it was reasonably clean. The error quickly disappeared and has for two days not reoccurred.

TeslAdam302 | 17 december 2019

I was getting it after the update as well, but it's been cold and warm and foggy and I noticed some condensation in the pillar. It's cleared up now and the warning has gone away, so I'm putting my head back in the sand. Except for following this thread.

RedShift | 17 december 2019

I had this recently and the cameras were clean. However, I went around and wiped them all just to be sure and the warning went away.

bhanuk99 | 17 december 2019

It was a rainy day. So I got the warning on my way back from work when it was dark. But this time I got the message that the left door pillar camera was blocked or blinded. I still drove on rush hour traffic with TACC and AP. At least my AP was not disabled like last time.

Freckles | 18 december 2019

It was cloudy in my experience so sunlight wasn’t a factor.

carryd | 22 december 2019

I’m getting the warning also. In rainy conditions in Oregon but excessively then goes away and comes back. 2020 Mode X and just picked up one week ago. Software updated.

bhanuk99 | 22 december 2019

I contacted my local service center about a week ago and included images from my phone with my request. My local SC texted me the following day to send them time stamps and I did. They responded within few hours after checking the logs etc and appreciated that I had sent accurate time stamps. They noted that they could not detect any hardware issues with my Driver Assist system and that these are isolated instances which may be fixed in future software updates. They did not think it was related to my HW3 upgrade I got more than 3 weeks ago. They are good in responding quickly.

Alan75DUK | 22 december 2019

I have also been getting a similar message about the left side camera being blocked or blinded and like others assumed that it was due to bright sunlight directly on that side of the car. But yesterday I briefly had a message that the front left sensor (not camera) was blocked. This happened just the once. Then later the same day, driving at night on an unlit road, the auto dip headlights failed to dip in response to oncoming traffic. I switched back and forth between manual and auto dip headlights with no effect, then suddenly the problem vanished. All very strange. This is making me wonder if there is some sort of issue in the most recent updates affecting sensors and cameras around the vehicle. Hope it is fixed soon in a new update.

Pungoteague_Dave | 23 december 2019

Your car must have developed cataracts. Reminds of a Gilbert Gottfried joke:

"A Chinese man goes to an eye doctor. Doctor says" You have a cataract". Chinese man says "No , I have Rinkin Continental"

garyjtate | 23 december 2019

Yes, happened today, right pillar camera msg and also headlights came on , sunny day.
Both went away after several miles.

garyjtate | 23 december 2019

MS 75 2.5 MCU 1

SteveZzz | 23 december 2019

I have been getting the message as well these past few days. It had never happened before and I just downloaded 2019.40.2.1. After a long drive with many of these messages, they seem to have gone away all on their own. At first I had a single message about the left camera being blocked, then that message went away and I started getting quite a few messages for the right camera blocked. All that seems to have cleared up. For me, I was driving on what I call a normal day. Not humid, not strong sunlight, etc. Anyways, I hope that the messages don't come back.

TranzNDance | 24 december 2019

For me it was the left side when the sun was shining on that side. It didn't happen other times. AP still worked but the car would not do auto lane change even if it was toward the side that was not affected.

dougk71 | 24 december 2019

Took delivery of a model x 2020 and on the second day the left side warning happened with the sun on the left side.
The new car detailing may have been hurried and there was a oil type smudge that when removed fixed the problem. The first day was cloudy the second was sunny. This is probably going to reoccur when the sun is low in the sky and dirt or dew is on the pillar.