TSLA go baby go

TSLA go baby go

record high prices for the stock today. Are the shorts taking losses before the years end, or is the imminent china deliveries taking hold? perhaps the model Y? or maybe the cars are amazing and the word is finally out.

andy.connor.e | 18 december 2019

Everything is currently ahead of schedule. Not sure how you can lie about things that are happening.

BadgerErickson | 18 december 2019

Tesla hit their target for market cap in Q3, and beyond.

Wall Street jumpers...

jimglas | 18 december 2019

CT wasn't bad either. Over 350k orders

BuffaloBillsFan | 18 december 2019

I did well today . . . And on Monday . . .

Madatgascar | 18 december 2019

I jumped the gun and sold it all yesterday.

andy.connor.e | 18 december 2019

Why? Its literally only going to go up

NKYTA | 18 december 2019

@andy, perhaps he wanted to pay off a couple Tesla car loans??

We did that with our S, then bought some more, but still have the loan on my wife’s 3...but still holding for now. Might pay that off and much of the rental home we bought at $500/share. :-)

Madatgascar | 18 december 2019

@andy, because I thought it would go down. There’s been a nice run-up, but nothing lasts forever. Year end will probably bring record sales and good news of China production, but also an FSD deadline fail, I think.

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 18 december 2019

Was at the Service Center today and the tech said that they should start scheduling M3 FSD customers beginning first week of January for the computer upgrade. Maybe a 2019 miss but hopefully not by much.

Tropopause | 18 december 2019

HW3 upgrade is different from FSD OTA release.

andy.connor.e | 19 december 2019

ah, idk man. Everything is ahead of schedule right now, (CT, MY, China Factory). They were only going to release part 1 of the FSD features which was basically extra glorified autopilot.

jimglas | 19 december 2019

@Tropo: I think what he meant is that only those who own FSD are eligible for the HW3 upgrade

Neomaxizoomdweebie | 19 december 2019

Thank you, sir.

Tropopause | 19 december 2019

Sorry for not understanding but are you saying Model 3 owners, who bought FSD, are finally getting the HW3. I've read that some S and X owners have gotten the HW3 upgrade as well but I haven't heard of anyone getting the actual software update to enable the FSD.

jimglas | 19 december 2019

FSD is not available, some features are. if you have purchased that eventual feature set, you are eligible for the HW3 upgrade.
If you did not purchase FSD, you are not eligible for the HW upgrade,

andy.connor.e | 19 december 2019

Its amazing to me how there is zero continuity with understanding FSD from Tesla to its consumers.

Not that im one of those "Tesla fix it!" kind of people, but Tesla seriously needs to get a grip on this. The fact that there is effectively zero continuity in understanding exactly what FSD is, and when its "release date" is should be self-evident to Tesla....

rxlawdude | 19 december 2019

I requested Mobile service to do the HW3 upgrade, and was changed to 1/20/20 at the nearest Service Center.

At least this confirms that they are indeed scheduling the computer replacements!

tew ms us | 19 december 2019

Lots of good things coming together for stockholders:

'Teslas Semi Truck Could Bring In $2 Billion In Revenues By 2025
9:51 PM ET 12/18/19 | TREFIS

Tesla's (NASDAQ: TSLA) all-electric Semi truck, which was unveiled in 2017, could go into limited production as soon as the end of next year."

BadgerErickson | 19 december 2019

Headed for 420

jjs | 19 december 2019

420 Wisdom
THC - Tesla Has Cachet
CBD - Can't Block Destiny

jjs | 19 december 2019

Shorts are going up in smoke.

andy.connor.e | 19 december 2019

this is reminding me of Elon sending that guy a box of short shorts.

Tesla2018 | 19 december 2019

My oil pipeline stock was up 20% the other day after a takeover announcement and TSLA has gone up too. Playing both sides of the fence and winning on both. Even Trumps impeachment can't keep the market down. I am not tired of winning yet, but will be when it's time to pay capital gains.

Ross1 | 19 december 2019

Shorts are in at 38% on valuation of $180
but 19% on $360
Excuse me, is there a difference?

NKYTA | 19 december 2019

@jjs :-)

SamO | 19 december 2019

404 shorts ($) not found.

jimglas | 20 december 2019

408 and rising

Elusivejeep | 20 december 2019

" how highs the stock today momma"
"she said it's 405 and rising...."
well thew sorts are all screwed and my profits moved and the stock is at 405 and riiiiising.....

NKYTA | 20 december 2019

I see what you did there Johnny Cash.

BadgerErickson | 21 december 2019

After Hours; $406, 420 is in sight of Berlin, DRIVE on!

Tesla-David | 21 december 2019

@rxlawdude, did you get a notice from Tesla regarding the HWA upgrade? We have Feb 2018 M3 with FSD and have not heard anything about HWA upgrade.

We purchase our TSLA stock at IPO and have held long since 2010 and will continue to hold until stock hits >$4000/share. Firmly believe in Tesla and its mission and all the disruption it is now inflecting in so many sectors of our economy. Love the pain the shorts are feeling now, may it continue.

SamO | 21 december 2019

$4000 per share is a weak long. I’m holding till $10,000 and Tesla is issuing dividends of $100/share.


Tesla-David | 21 december 2019

@SamO I said >$4000/share and would certainly hold till $10000/share. I like your plan! ;0)

SamO | 21 december 2019

Why sell? Tesla IMO will be the largest automaker on the planet and their ride share network already has enough vehicles to eclipse the capacity of UBer and Lyft.

Just flip the switch and Tesla is printing $.

I wish I could have purchased SpaceX shares.

BadgerErickson | 21 december 2019

SpaceX IPO in 10, 9, 8, 7, 6.......

Tesla2018 | 21 december 2019

Since the price of the stock is high do you think that it will split? Or that Tesla will issue additional shares to raise capital to pay off existing debt or pay for the development costs of the Cybertruck and semi trucks?

Ross1 | 21 december 2019

Why sell at 44000, or 10000?
The problem is how to get the money out without diluting your holding.

rxlawdude | 21 december 2019

@Tesla-David, I used the app, selected service and "Other," and typed HW3 FSD upgrade. It was switched from a mobile service to the SvC, about a month down the road. Mine's a very early (VIN 138x) 3, and we bought FSD during the "sale."

BadgerErickson | 23 december 2019

@ Tesla2018, IDK for sure, a split would be really cool IMHO. Unfortunately, I don't think there's too many people who know what that means.

There are some really cool intricacies of business management when multiples are involved on several continents. No, that's not an answer of any sort, beyond to generalize that "it's complicated".

Wormtown Kris | 23 december 2019

Funding just about secured! ;-)
Go Go GO!!

SteveMost | 23 december 2019

TSLA Hits 420 !

BadgerErickson | 23 december 2019


Tesla-David | 23 december 2019

Ya Tesla, just hit $421/share. Let the good times roll!

Madatgascar | 23 december 2019

Mrs Madatgascar is not thrilled that I sold at $381, but compared to the stormy weather in Shortsville, I'm doin' fine!

rob | 23 december 2019

I love the smell of 420 in the morning. It smells like victory

Mike83 | 23 december 2019

Every one a Very very very very very very Merry Christmas and a Happy happy happy happy Hanukkah and to all Faiths or agnostics a happy happy happy holidays.

FactDoc | 23 december 2019

It was going to go to 0 or 4000

The threshold to reach 4000 was that it had to pass 420 then it’s a self growing loop

Tesla-David | 24 december 2019

Wow TSLA currently at $425.25. Smells like victory to me and I agree that the company has rounded the corner and is now on its victory lap on the way to $4000 and higher.

Happy Holidays to everyone in Tesla land!

BadgerErickson | 24 december 2019

Merry Christmas shareholders!!!

BadgerErickson | 26 december 2019

$432 this morning. Looks like the new bottom is disappearing in the rear view LCD...