Autosteer nagging

Autosteer nagging

First off, I know Autosteer is in beta. I also know my 04/15 build is AP1. That doesn't excuse Autosteer's incessant nagging to put my hands on the wheel when they already are.

I'm a pilot and motorcyclist. I operate with a very light touch because overcontrolling airplanes and bikes is dangerous, and that technique carries over to cars. When I drive on the highway and there's little or no traffic, it's with my left elbow on the armrest and the wheel's 7 o'clock between my thumb and forefinger.

The other night, I went for a drive around one of Phoenix's three loop highways. The initial Autosteer warning, a faint white banner at the bottom of the dash, popped up 10 seconds after I enabled it. The only reason I saw it was because I had glanced at the speedo to make sure it was set correctly. "Apply a slight turning motion," it says. Apparently fifteen degrees left and right isn't "slight" enough, because it escalated to a PING. I'm not inclined to go wrenching the wheel at speed, but if I don't, Autosteer keeps yelling.

After several of these nags, which the system eventually acknowledged that I did have control over the car, Autosteer just noped right out and disabled itself. From normal cruise to "it's all on you, pal" in literally two seconds. Fortunately we were on a straight; if this had happened on a curve, I expect I would have left a silver scrape mark on the guardrail.

I understand that a few morons have come to grief by over-reliance on AP in general and AS in particular. The system constantly nagging me to correct an error that I'm not making is something else altogether. I've disabled AS because the stress of having to constantly monitor it outweighs the potential benefit.

EVRider | 22 december 2019

Maybe there's a problem with your steering wheel's torque sensor, because what you're describing is not how it works for most people. When I get the nag, a slight tug on the wheel is all that I need. FYI, you can also use the scroll to change the volume of whatever to get rid of the nag.

TranzNDance | 22 december 2019

What version is your software? A recent version has made the nag less frequent for me.

bill | 22 december 2019

I have never been able to drive with my hands on the wheel if the road is straight. I eventually rigged the steering wheel so it thinks my hands are on the wheel as long as they are not. That is the only way I can use AP. I have had the Service Center (more then one) look into it and they cannot find any issues with it.

bishoppeak | 23 december 2019

A flick of the autopilot control lever is also a way to satisfy the nag

bishoppeak | 23 december 2019

A flick of the autopilot control lever is also a way to satisfy the nag

Bighorn | 23 december 2019

Or nudging a scroll wheel

Pungoteague_Dave | 23 december 2019

one-pound ankle or wrist weight on either side of steering wheel works. Track use only.

CoinFitz | 24 december 2019

@TranzNDance, I just got the 2019.36.2.7 update on Friday after replacing the 12V (and that's another peeve: the updater constantly bugged me to install the update even though the 12V was hosed, which prevents the update from being installed. Come ON, devs, THINK. Make sure prereqs are met before doing the thing!). The drive which prompted my rant happened the next day.