Camp mode is great

Camp mode is great

The software update couldn't have come at a better time, I camped in my model 3 last night and the only concern I had was that you can't disable the video that shows up about 30 minutes to an hour after you turn the car off. Before camp mode the climate would shut down after that period now it displays a video of a tent with a fire pit in front of it.

bp | 26 december 2019

How long does the video last? Can you switch away from it without disabling camp mode?

adoh2010 | 26 december 2019

The video, along with camp mode, lasts till the battery runs down to 20%. I looked around couldn't find a way to disable the video.

CharleyBC | 26 december 2019

The video sounds cute for a few minutes, but it should time out and go away. For one thing, there's no need to keep the screen powered up--wasting electrons.

jordanrichard | 26 december 2019

So that’s what everyone has been referring too as “camp mode”, a picture of a tent with a fire.....? I thought it was a modification of the existing ability to leave the climate control on.

Sarah R | 26 december 2019

@jordanrichard that's exactly what it is: climate controls stay on.

Though I'm wondering how, exactly, this is different from "Dog mode"

jordanrichard | 26 december 2019

Sarah R, thanks. Ya, “Dog Mode” is nothing more than the climate staying on, which we have had for years, except now “Dog Mode” puts a “My owner will be back....” message on the screen.

So “Camp Mode” is essentially an Easter egg like Romance Mode.

EVRider | 26 december 2019

Camp Mode is also supposed to leave the entertainment system on (if you want that) — does Dog Mode do that?

derotam | 27 december 2019

Yes, finally I can leave the music on for one kid in the car while I walk 20 feet to get the other kid from grandma's!

Sarah R | 27 december 2019

@EVRider that's probably it ... Dog doesn't get infotainment. Camper does.

coselectric | 27 december 2019

My question is... Can I leave my adolescent kids in the car playing video games with camp mode while I run into the store and not worry about them setting the car alarm off when they get bored and exit the vehicle to wander around the parking lot playing Pokemon Go on their cellphones.

Bighorn | 27 december 2019

Camp mode is improved over heat on for a number of features. Talked about adding a Nap mode that simply adds an alarm to climate. Screen uses homeopathic amounts of charge.

MrSexyTime | 27 december 2019

@bighorn +1 for "homeopathic amounts of charge." I apologize in advance for my future theft and repurposing of your comment. (Also, someone around here has been asking about you). | 27 december 2019

@CharleyBC "...there's no need to keep the screen powered up--wasting electrons."

I doubt there is a way to disable powering the screen when the MCU is powered up, which is needed for climate control. I expect the screen takes less than 10 watts costing you maybe 1 mile of range per 24 hours that it is on.

derotam | 27 december 2019

Anyone know if screen cleaning mode times out? You could possibly go into camp mode and then turn on screen cleaning mode to darken the screen. The other open question would be whether the after 30 minutes video popping up overrides the screen cleaning mode.

adoh2010 | 27 december 2019

Camp mode lets you choose your climate settings so you can have just air coming in while dog mode you have to set a temperature and have automatic climate control. It keeps the windows working and the music playing. If you have screen cleaning mode on it switches to the video still.

jmmcfarla | 27 december 2019

The primary difference between camp mode & dog mode is that Camp mode disables security features (sentry mode and I believe auto-lock).

Dog mode keeps all the security features active to ensure no one grabs your pup.

Other than that, I think they’re the same.

Bighorn | 27 december 2019

Your car can now maintain air flow, temperature, interior lighting, as well as play music, and power devices.

KB.aerials | 2 januari 2020

If someone Is camping for real - say in a tent - they don't have a screen on all night - really would like a way to disable the screen
sentry cam attracts peoples attention when that flashes up - if I am sleeping in the car I don't want a TV screen attracting people over to it - I want to be discreet and have it so no one thinks to come and look at the pretty screening see me having a snooze

bddaughe | 2 januari 2020

I haven't tried it yet, but can you enable screen cleaning mode to make the screen blank? Just a thought.

yudansha™ | 2 januari 2020

@ KB.aerials Can you cover it with a towel?

kevin_rf | 2 januari 2020

I would worry about it over heating, but, maybe...

Bighorn | 2 januari 2020

Or don’t camp in the Walmart parking lot :)

swanson21 | 2 januari 2020

The screen should show stars during camp mode, and while we're at it, if the car reboots while driving moving stars like it's in hyperspace mode or something instead of the blank screen.

Tesla2018 | 2 januari 2020

I got one of these as a Christmas present. It fits over the screen and is mainly to stop sun damage.

Don't know if I copied the link correctly but you can search on Amazon.