New S made it 80 miles

New S made it 80 miles

I traded in my 2016 S on a brand new 2020 model S yesterday. Drove it the 45 miles from San Rafael to Yountville CA. Today, 20 minutes into a fun drive, the air bag light comes on. The manual says don't drive it, but I drove the 10 miles back home. slowly, hoping the air bags don't deploy. The new car didn't even make it a full 100 miles before a no-drive error. Not a good sign. The tow company is on the way. I'm putting in a sell order on my small Tesla stock holding tomorrow. In 60 years of car ownership, I've never had a car fail during the first 100 miles. I think Tesla is getting lazy on quality. I'm not a short troll, I'm just saying Tesla is beginning to scare me.

I've owned Teslas since 2013.

andy.connor.e | 28 december 2019

Yes i would agree with the message. If the airbag is not working properly, i would advise not to drive it either. If by whatever chance you got into an accident, a not working airbag could be life or death. Ya it sucks but its just the airbag its not like the whole car is junk. | 28 december 2019

Sorry, you ran into a problem with your new car. I'd say that any car from any manufacturer, the likelihood of some failure occurring in the first 500 miles is about the same in the next 10,000 miles. Just the nature of having a complex system with thousands of parts.

Usually, when an air-bag self-test finds a problem, the concern is the airbag not going off when needed. Never heard of one going off unexpectedly.

J.T. | 28 december 2019

I’m surprised the car didn’t detect the supplemental air bag driving the car.

PrescottRichard | 28 december 2019

If I had a dollar for every time I read a post like this...

I’d have a dollar. Maybe 2.

Sorry this happened to you, but the drama in your post makes it really hard to sympathize. Trade you my 2016 90D model S for your Raven *any* day of the week. Even with an airbag light on.

goofygrin | 28 december 2019

My CTS-V made it around the block before I returned it to the dealer. The diff was toast (and no I didn't roast it leaving the lot).

This stuff happens... it's just a car... get over it.

reed_lewis | 29 december 2019

Infant failures in any complex technology happen. Most likely the air bag system (which is a third party system anyways) had a fault which the system saw and reported with the air bag light. I have owned dozens of cars from different manufacturers, and more than one has had issues like this. There is no way to completely test a system like this unless the car was driven hundreds of miles before delivery.

So what is your solution to fix this? A part is most likely defective and needs to be replaced. It will be fixed and then you will forget all about it.

BadgerErickson | 29 december 2019

I have a Tesla on order and am not cancelling it.

Today I'm putting in the transfer order to dump more $$$ into our online trading account, and place an order to buy more Tesla stock.
To each their own. A car is just a machine made up of parts, and it will have failures. At least it happened near your home and well within warranty.

jordanrichard | 29 december 2019

“......a car is just a machine.....“. Not a Tesla. My car is an I-Pad that seats 5........... :-)

BadgerErickson | 29 december 2019

Yes, everyone WANTS to BELIEVE the car THEY picked is the best/fastest/brightest/cleanest tech around.

They break. Teslas break less often. Jerry says he is selling his stock, someone else will buy it. Cool.

johncrab | 29 december 2019

There isn’t much to the airbag system so it may just be a loose connection. But hey, my 2014 came with AC condenser fans which screamed when they ran and were replaced twice. I put that down as a vendor problem and nothing that really was Tesla’s fault. Well, they fixed problems back then and communicated. That’s the big difference today. The attitude is “Here. Don’t bother us.” Please report back on your experience with this initial fault and how long it takes to get it corrected. I hope it is a quick and courteous fix but recent history would indicate otherwise.

jerry | 29 december 2019

All good points. Thanks.

jerrykham | 29 december 2019

I love the post above from Jordan saying the S is an iPad that seats 5. Note: we have a Model S (2017) and a Model 3 (2018) and love them! However, I'd say not an iPad. More likely a Windows machine that is running a beta. They usually work great. Then they sometimes randomly reboot. I'd gotten used to that in the S - MCU1 seems to get that more often than MCU2 does. Yesterday we got in my wife's model 3 and the screen wouldn't come on for 60 seconds - it was rebooting. No problem, it didn't actually delay us - it was just a reminder of why I call my WONDERFUL car (and it is wonderful) "my beta car".

Actually just like the new texting feature. I set that up for my wife in her 3 and for my brother in law in his 2018 MCU2 S. His works fine. Hers doesn't work. (and yes, we set them up the same and approved the new messages permission on the bluetooth connection). I'm still waiting on 2019.40.50.x for my S to compare. Anyway, still love the cars. Just have to realize they aren't perfect, have some room to improve even more (and they have gotten better - new features since they were new), and above all else just enjoy driving them!

SO | 29 december 2019

LOL - my car had an issue. OMG, quick!!!!! going to sell all my stock in the company!!!!!!

Good grief.

jimglas | 29 december 2019

I will buy your stock

Tropopause | 29 december 2019

Get the car fixed. Keep your stock. Be happy.