Premium connectivity renewal problem

Premium connectivity renewal problem

My free Premium Connectivity expired yesterday. I had chosen the option to subscribe to premium, but today my account is now showing standard connectivity and: “Something went wrong. Please try again later.”

Same issue using 2 different valid credit cards. Tesla issue?

melmartin | 1 januari 2020

I have the same message, altho my satellite maps and other premium features are there. Not a banner week for Tesla regarding software.

ALDONY | 1 januari 2020

Yes Tesla issue. I can't even connect with the app

tylerav | 1 januari 2020

Same here

hokiegir1 | 1 januari 2020

I've seen a lot of people reporting the same on FB. It'll get fixed.

jfaubl | 1 januari 2020

Same issue. Hopefully fixed soon.

skoolz4loserz | 1 januari 2020

same issue here

ALDONY | 1 januari 2020

All good here. I have LTE, music, but I haven't been charged yet the $10

EVRider | 1 januari 2020

@Heritagesb: I'm seeing the same thing on the web site, but I still have Premium in the car, since I was able to watch YouTube over LTE today. Did you actually lose Premium functionality?

andrewsjra | 1 januari 2020

My wife and my model 3 still have premium connectivity but shows it expires 12/31/19 still on the display. When I log onto my TESLA account it says I have the standard connectivity and to upgrade to premium even though I did weeks ago. It uses to say premium under my account but changed. Nothing billed by Tesla yet. Interesting to see what happens.

AMP3D | 1 januari 2020

Same issue. Lost premium connectivity features in car and I get the error message when checking my account.

Tronguy | 1 januari 2020

Roughly same as the others above. Subscribed to the Premium Connectivity two weeks ago. The "manage your car" at Tesla said it would start 1/1/2020. Today all the traffic stuff is gone, the car reports that it doesn't have premium, and checking the "manage your car" area says the car has Standard Connectivity. Clicking on the link brings one to a page where there's one of those triangles with an exclamation point in it and an error message of "Something went wrong" (literally).
Guess somebody's got some work to do on Thursday.

Brooksby1234 | 1 januari 2020

Lost mine today as well. I set up premium connectivity on auto pay about a month ago. I am getting a Something went wrong message as well.

ken.lunde | 1 januari 2020

As Truonguy wrote, a non-zero number of Tesla employees will be busy tomorrow.

Lonestar10_1999 | 1 januari 2020

I’m guessing the senior engineers at Tesla are out on vacation, with the junior engineers running the day to day operations back at the office.

rdanish69 | 2 januari 2020

I am glad to hear I am not the only one with this issue. I thought something happened with the last update. LOL! I tried every credit card and my bank information -- received the same error message.

Model_P3D | 2 januari 2020

Same issue: "Something went wrong. Please try again later." Subscribed to Premium last week.

i.yordanov | 2 januari 2020

Same here:(

benjamin.begley | 2 januari 2020

Same. Where do you find the type of connectivity you currently have?

ricbret | 2 januari 2020

Does Tesla even have a software test environment.

I swear, once millenium programmers got into the system they turned the "installed base" into "unpaid testers."

Micpad | 2 januari 2020

How do you know if you are getting standard or premium? Mine did not renew on 12/31 but it appears I did not lose anything either.

Resist | 2 januari 2020

My premium connectivity was supposed to expire on 12/31 also, but I still have it even though now my account shows it as standard connectivity. I have not even attempted to upgrade back to premium connectivity because I wanted to see if I can live with standard. Just wondering when the standard connectivity will start, even though it's great to keep the premium for a few days longer.

rkhanna | 2 januari 2020

I am having the same issue... sucks.

eztider | 3 januari 2020

Something went wrong

Cquist | 3 januari 2020

Same here. Appear to have past premium features but none of the new, I.e. traffic light/stop sign visualization, etc. despite latest software upgrade and FSD.

alain.lagarrigue | 3 januari 2020

Don’t worry, l lost premium connectivity on 26-dec with the 2019.40.50.1 update and no option on the Tesla account to buy it. No access to YouTube and Netflix except connected to WiFi.
After the 2019.40.50.5 update last week, LTE premium recovered, difficult to understand the logic

Jmarq28 | 3 januari 2020

SAME!!! Mine expired on 12/31/19 and still can't upgrade due to "something went wrong try again later"..... c'mon Tesla you're better than this. At least let us all know that you're working on it or give us a time frame, not very professional to just leave us in the dark.

globalMan | 3 januari 2020

The problem is resolved, at least for me.

View Details now says:

"Premium Connectivity
Free Unlimited"

Micpad | 3 januari 2020

Did you contact them?

florian.silbereis | 3 januari 2020

i have the same issue.

kaiarchitecture1969 | 3 januari 2020

i was freaking out that i was able to watch netflix without wifi for a week! alas, i didn't even know i would be losing premium connectivity, there was no notification. so let me get this straight, it's not a mistake? now that i lost it, my only option is to pay $9.99 a month?

EVRider | 4 januari 2020

Tesla notified affected owners via e-mail that their Premium Connectivity would be ending. If you didn’t get the e-mail, check your spam folder. Even if you didn’t receive it, people have been discussing here for the last few weeks.

See this support article for more info:

Tronguy | 4 januari 2020

Ahem. Two things:
1. Last night 1/3/2020, the car got updated to 40.50.7. I checked the connectivity and it said "Premium, expiring 12/31/2019". Which is weird since, as mentioned, it was January 3rd of the following year.
2. Had been checking the Tesla Manage-your-car page and it was stuck: Said the car had Standard Connectivity, that Premium had expired on 12/31/2019, and there was a "Try again later" fault on the page that would have enabled Premium, all this despite the fact that the car had been signed up for Premium in mid-December. That was true last night. Today, it says (a) Premium Connectivity is in force, (b) the error message is missing, (c) it's possible to discontinue Premium if so desired, and (d) the expiration date for the current month's connectivity is 2/4/2020. (That last, I'm guessing, would have been 2/1/2020 had the original web site stuff been working in the first place.)
Looks like the problem's been fixed.

eztider | 4 januari 2020

As of today 1/4 mine is received saying "You've subscribed to premium connectivity" and the details are in my Account page.

aaspiva | 4 januari 2020

Same story - ‘something went wrong’ message. Got disconnected today in the morning 1/4. Am see there is a new update available, maybe that will fix the isssue?

kvince | 7 januari 2020

I tried for days to get past the "Something went wrong" payment error and this morning I received the big green checkmark on the payment screen. Unfortunately, I didn't make a difference in the MX! I went back to my Tesla account page and it showed "Pending Payment". I then tried a credit card instead of my checking account and I received the familiar "Something went wrong"!

monkeyboydad | 7 januari 2020

I got downgraded today.i registered in December. They took the money today, then shut me down. Not very promising

EVRider | 8 januari 2020

@monkeyboydad: If your payment was actually processed, try rebooting and see if it comes back. What kind of connectivity does it show in your account and on the car’s touchscreen (under Controls > Software)?

tripp.kurt | 8 januari 2020

Error processing payment. Please try again! I have tried for several days. Card info is good. What is going on and is there a telephone number to call and get help!

monkeyboydad | 8 januari 2020

EVRider, We see the charge in our bank account. now in the connectivity page i see the infamous "
Something went wrong. Please try again later." message. Rebooting the car does not change my connectivity.

tripp.kurt | 8 januari 2020

need to use Google Chrome. done

Sin@ | 9 januari 2020

My premium connectivity stopped working 1/8 while for around a month the car was showing exp date of Dec 2020 (1yr). Contacting tesla they say SR+ purchased in 2019 only has 1 month of connectivity. Even if that is correct something has been going on with their system. It's so cheap of Tesla to do that (not mentioning removing home link module and asking $300 for it). What use that huge map has if on daily commute you can't have traffic data?!

monkeyboydad | 9 januari 2020

A call to the support line was informative, but did not resolve this issue. It seems there are quite a few vehicles that won't restore Premium connectivity. No eta!

waynewinstead | 9 januari 2020

I have been charged for Premium Connectivity, but don't have it. Call to support has so far proved useless. "Terry" from Support said she would get back to me, then sent an email saying payment was rejected (clearly, it was not), and to submit payment again. However, site still tells me "Something went wrong. Please try again." So, reconnected with Support. Still waiting... LOVE my car. Hate the support.

vijaybhatt01 | 9 januari 2020

Same issue. Cannot use streaming or maps.

Bug51047 | 11 januari 2020

I paid for Premium connectivity, and got downgraded to basic today. I don't know what to do. My account says I have premium and I have a receipt saying I paid for January.

EVRider | 12 januari 2020

@vijay: Maps work without Premium. If you don’t have maps you probably don’t have a good LTE connection (which would also impact streaming).

1234emga | 12 januari 2020

Having the same issue with my subscription to Premium Connectivity. My car is sad with NO MUSIC, only rural radio stations with lots of chatter! I have called twice and talked with customer service. They apologize and say they’re working on it. It’s been about ten days with no connectivity. Aaaack. I HATE THIS. I will now write an email every day until they fix the problem.

heemo521 | 12 januari 2020

Same issue starting today.
My free premium service ended today so I go on and subscribe for says that I have premium but it says connect to wifi for internet, music etc...not paying for anything that doesnt work.

bbristol2 | 13 januari 2020

Ok, well I feel better that I'm not the only one with this issue.

I subscribed to Premium when the email first came out in Dec. Account was charged and cleared the bank in early Jan. Updated to 2019.40.50.7 and now on Standard. I logged into my Account and it said I was on Standard, selected to upgrade to Premium (again) and now still no Premium. Tried rebooting and nothing, ugh.

Boty96 | 16 januari 2020

Same here!