Disable low speed speaker icon

Disable low speed speaker icon

My M3 does not have the low speed speaker under the frunk. I see in the newest release there is a speaker icon that comes up on the left side of the screen at low speeds. You can touch it and it shows disabled, but I don't even have the speaker so would like to not have to see the icon. Am I right about this icon being for that? I didn't see anything in the release notes (no surprise there).

hokiegir1 | 2 januari 2020

No -- that's for the parking/proximity chimes and it's been there all along.

EVRider | 2 januari 2020

Besides that, the new low speed pedestrian noise is required by law so you won’t be able to disable that.

WEST TEX EV | 2 januari 2020

U will have “hack mod” (scissors/wire cutters under bumper”

mrburke | 2 januari 2020

@West - I don't think wire cutters will be needed. It should just un-plug.

jimglas | 2 januari 2020

but will be messy for you if you hit somebody with it disconnected
You could just say: "take my house and life savings" to make it simple

mknewman | 2 januari 2020

I thought I read Elon said when the speaker came out you would be able to program what it plays?

What is the default sound?

mknewman | 2 januari 2020

NM, I found a video on youtube that showed the sounds.

Maxxer | 2 januari 2020

Just open your windows and play at full blast sound any AC/DC song and nobody will hear the security chyme

M3phan | 2 januari 2020

Here’s how to easily unplug it (and it can be plugged back in if you want):

Varricks | 11 januari 2020

jimglas~ not if you hit them hard enough. Or, several times, as needed.

stingray.don | 11 januari 2020


There’s no law preventing an owner from disconnecting the PWS. The requirement is for the manufacturer to install one, and Tesla was just out ahead of the mandate. If someone hits a pedestrian, they will get sued regardless of the PWS. That’s what insurance is for.

rob | 11 januari 2020

Are PWS foe EVs only? Some of ICE cars are pretty quiet at low speeds.

Varricks | 13 januari 2020

Oh, but the ICE cars are different. Just check the legislative payoff figures.

You aren't in that misconceived world of thinking regulations are based on reality and truth, are you? That's like the idea of walking into just any State and setting up a Tesla Cars sales booth.