MCU1-to-MCU2 Upgrade Successful for DIY'er

MCU1-to-MCU2 Upgrade Successful for DIY'er

Why won't Tesla do this upgrade for the many MCU1 customers? This guy proved it works and isn't very difficult for qualified techs to perform.

BarryQ | 6 januari 2020

Piece of cake. And it took him less than 3 minutes!

NKYTA | 6 januari 2020


garyjtate | 9 januari 2020

With upgrade does voltage output increase on front usb connectors?

reed_lewis | 9 januari 2020

I hope the voltage does not increase. Maybe the amperage will, but it is still 5 Volts. | 9 januari 2020

@garyjtate - Hopefully no voltage increase or it will destroy any item connected to it. Now it could increase the amperage with USB 3.0, but I've not heard of any change there.

@BarryQ - I wish I could work that fast!

@Tropopause - Likey a combination of factors why the upgrade is not available. My guess is they didn't want to overload the service centers and it's a marketing choice to entice owners to trade up. There are also some technical issues not really addressed. I know there is new wiring for Bluetooth antennas and antennas in the side mirrors, that don't exist in the MCU1 cars. It sounds like the guy just ignored the wiring and antenna issues.

Then there is the cost - let's say they charge $3K for a retrofit. There may not be a lot of takers, although that reduces the service center load concern. So they create the package, document how to do it, provide tech training - it really could cost Tesla $100K or so to make the retrofit, while taking resources away from new projects. As much as I'd like MCU2, I expect it is a poor return on investment for Tesla.

Jesperj | 9 januari 2020

As awesome as getting higher amperage (voltage is still 5v unless you get USB PD) out of the USB ports, that is unfortunately not likely to be possible with just the MCU upgrade. While USB 3.0 supports higher amperage than 2.0 (and 3.1 supports USB PD), it only supports that for Superspeed devices, which would require the full 9-pin pin-out in the port. In other words, it would involve replacing the actual ports, and the wiring behind them.

I could be wrong, but I do not think even a USB 3.x jack could provide more than 500 mA to a USB 2.0 device, nor could a USB 3.x device draw more than that from a 2.0 port, which is what's in the cars to my knowledge. It would be awfully cool if they implemented the PD spec on future cars though.

Electronvolt | 9 januari 2020

Does anyone know if the MCU 2.0 retrofit would provide the dashcam/sentry mode with USB recording feature?

bill | 10 januari 2020

@TeslaTap - "it really could cost Tesla $100K or so to make the retrofit, while taking resources away from new projects. As much as I'd like MCU2, I expect it is a poor return on investment for Tesla."

I have mentioned this before. If Tesla created a MCU1 to MCU2 upgrade instead of fixing the HW2-HW3 incompatibility that would reduce their engineering cost if they were to then give the MCU2 upgrades to those with MCU 1 that bought FSD. They could then possibly recover the cost by requiring a paid MCU 2 upgrade for anyone wanting to upgrade to FSD that did not buy it early.

Could be a win win and reward those early purchasers rather then making them wait who know how long to get the HW 3 upgrade and the FSD we paid for years ago. The longer they make us wait the less time we get to enjoy something Elon said we would have within a year of buying!

avesraggiana | 10 januari 2020

Or, Tesla could just refund everybody their money, with interest. That would be the only right thing to do for the early FSD adopters who were willing to plonk down a not insignificant sum of money, for something they're less and less likely to get in the end.

bill | 10 januari 2020

I plan to keep my car for a while so I still want FSD and not my money back!

barrykmd | 10 januari 2020

bill - you're never going to get FSD.

Bill_75D | 10 januari 2020

I'd take $3000 plus 3 years interest right now.

bp | 11 januari 2020

Some FSD owners could claim their vehicle purchase was at least partly based on Tesla's claim that their vehicles had all of the hardware required to achieve FSD, pending validation and regulatory approval.

So a refund for the FSD option would not be sufficient.

If Tesla decided to offer FSD refunds, they would likely face a class action suit about the FSD marketing at the time of purchase.

What might make more sense would be to allow the FSD purchase (which is more expensive now) to transfer to the purchase of a new Tesla vehicle, and possibly give the early S/X FSD owners an additional credit towards the purchase of a new S/X when trading in their current FSD vehicle.

Though what's more likely is Tesla will continue to claim they'll (eventually) get FSD working on all of the vehicles and not do any refunds.

HighdesertSeth | 11 januari 2020

@teslatap I have the mcu2 now in my 12/12 model s. It wasn’t a choice, after the version 10 update my car died and they don’t make the 3G MCU anymore. Cost me $2400 and antennae’s was retrofitted. Screen is slightly smaller at top but one can’t notice it unless really looking. Lte is cool and browser works better. But no sentry because they don’t install side cameras. But if you have that already I’m sure it will all work for you... I didn’t lose Xm or Am so I was happy about that- oh just FYI I have 135000 miles on my Tessie too.
Did anyone with a vintage model s get the latest update with increased verbal commands? | 11 januari 2020

@HighdesertSeth - That's great news! I'd not heard of anyone getting MCU2 from MCU1 via Tesla. Sounds like they've worked out that issue.

Bighorn | 11 januari 2020

Not sure that the switch from 3G to LTE means MCU2. Mine is getting replaced next week, so I can let you know.

barrykmd | 11 januari 2020

BH - The MCU in your MS? Can a ranger do that or do you have to drive 400 miles?

raffidesigns | 11 januari 2020

Define “early FSD” purchasers. Anyone who pays for FSD is an early adoptive because it does not exist. Regardless of the price you paid. If we go off of what the | 11 januari 2020

@BH - good point - perhaps it's not MCU2. I had my MCU1 in my first S upgraded to LTE (same MCU). At some point, any MCU1 replacements got LTE, even if they didn't have it before.

@HighdesertSeth - If you're sure you have MCU2, great. If not totally sure, can you run this MCU test? You have to run it in the Tesla car's browser: It will confirm if you have MCU1 or MCU2.

Bighorn | 11 januari 2020

The ranger is driving the 750 miles from Boise to fix the S in my garage.

barrykmd | 11 januari 2020

BH - Nice! Hopefully they bring the right parts. I've had a ranger drive 10 miles, twice, with wrong parts.

Bighorn | 11 januari 2020

So far, that’s never happened in coming up on seven years.

barrykmd | 11 januari 2020

Guess they double check when they make long trips!

akikiki | 11 januari 2020

Bighorn, did you cut some sort of deal to get them to install MCU2 to fix your S? And did they give you an estimate for the cost?

Bighorn | 11 januari 2020

No deal. Don’t think it’s been offered. It’s $1800 for whatever MCU they’re bringing—plus small fees for a rear camera jumper and a GPS antenna plus $120 for labor.

akikiki | 11 januari 2020

Geezz, Only $120 for labor? Isn't most hourly fee at a SC more than $120 an hour? Meaning this could take less than an hour? Wow. Where do I sign up? LOL

Bighorn | 11 januari 2020

Labor is listed at $150/hr but the MCU labor line charge is only $120. Between that and no mileage fee for the ranger, I’ll happily pay it.

Bighorn | 11 januari 2020

I was told two guys would come for 4-6 hours. They’re doing some small service bulletin stuff and addressing minor Model 3 issues.

Tropopause | 12 januari 2020

You getting the battery breather valve bulletin?

I'm getting that done Wednesday on my 3.

Bighorn | 12 januari 2020

Yes, I asked for the breather valves.

Anthony J. Parisio | 12 januari 2020

What is the breather valves issue?

Bighorn | 12 januari 2020

The service bulletin for battery clunk.

rxlawdude | 12 januari 2020

@big and @anthony, it's weird that my VIN 138x very early production M3 has never ever exhibited this symptom. AFAIK, Service has never done the TSB.

Bighorn | 12 januari 2020

Early cars didn't have it presumably because of Flufferbot's work.

JohnnyG | 11 februari 2020

@Bighorn & @HighdesertSeth , did either of you ever run the test to verify whether you received MCU1 or MCU2 ??

Bighorn | 11 februari 2020

Didn’t have to. Ranger said it was an impossible ask.

SgtPepper | 11 februari 2020

The MCU in my late 2016, HW2.0 (FSD) has died at 80K miles. I'm scheduled for service next week. I asked if a MCU2 upgrade was possible - the service center says that "There is no retrofit to upgrade to MCU2". I also asked for the HW3 upgrade - "Your HW3 computer has not arrived". Just sayin'....