Please give us a Pandora app!

Please give us a Pandora app!

Where is the Pandora app?
I love Pandora. Spotify sucks in comnparison!
!--break-->I have been a Pandora user/premium subscriber for years.
!--break-->I have many stations which even know what tracks I do not like.
!--break-->I bought a Spotify premium subscription because: Tesla. BUT
!--break-->If Spotify is better, I cannot see it; I find no benefit in changing,;
!--break-->and in any case I don't care if SpottyFi is better, I want my Pandora!!!
!--break-->It shouldn't be too hard, would it?

jimglas | 7 januari 2020


Tesla2018 | 7 januari 2020

Why don't you just play it on Bluetooth from your phone?

andy.connor.e | 8 januari 2020

Let me rebuttle on your last point. It shouldnt be that hard, would it? Is it hard to play music on your phone over bluetooth? Yes. its very difficult. The car does not need to have pandora. Your phone can do everything.

adcock.dan | 8 januari 2020

Sure I could bluetooth it from the phone. And I can run Pandora from the car's web browser.
But running Pandora from the phone means I have to use the phone to control Pandora.
And running Pandora in the web browser means I have to start the browser and then Pandora every time I start the car if I want to use it.
People are beating the doors down at Google and Apple wanting to sell apps. Why would it be so difficult to put the app I want on my $65,000 car? I have been paying for Pandora for years. Now I have to change to Spotify or pay for another app. WTF?

andy.connor.e | 8 januari 2020

Maybe because you're associating the sticker price of a product with an application you want to run on it instead of utilizing the available resources.

jimglas | 9 januari 2020


andy.connor.e | 9 januari 2020

You can precondition cabin, auto unlock when you walk towards to car, no key to turn to start engine, and voice commands that control the entire car. And you're whining about having to use your phone for pandora. Life is hell

stutz91w | 9 januari 2020

I wish there was Pandora instead of Spotify also.

nukequazar | 9 januari 2020

CarPlay and Android Auto solves all these problems plus infinitely better voice-to-text messaging.

nukequazar | 9 januari 2020

@jimglass, Dumbest. Argument. Ever. It’s a first world car. We’re going to have first world complaints and requests for first world improvements.

rxlawdude | 9 januari 2020

Please. Let's not open that box.

stevejobs506 | 10 januari 2020

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booshtukka | 10 januari 2020

@nukequazar Love you.