Elon need to develop automatic missles target recognition

Elon need to develop automatic missles target recognition

Can’t believe Iran Tor-M1 shot down a commercial flight lifting off from a normal flight taking slowly speed and altitude up to 8,000ft. As if American retaliation would arrive this way on a radar... if it was from a human mistake, it’s probably the dumbest human to have ever set foot on this planet. If it was a planned retaliation, it is the most coward retaliation that could have ever been done.

RIP to all the passengers and our prayers go to all the families of the passengers including the 76 Canadians and 5 Quebekers.

Terrible thing which is a war, dictatorship and innocent victims.

Elon and his team of engineers has to develop deep learning autopilot Full Self shooting missles targeting only enemy spacecrafts to prevent this from occurring again.

BadgerErickson | 10 januari 2020

It wasn't a mistake.

It was NOT Iran.

SCCRENDO | 10 januari 2020

@Badger. I hope you are not a conspiracy theorist. Who was it???. The Clintons with funds from George Soros???

Orthopod | 10 januari 2020

Another Illuminati who has better intelligence than governments

kaffine | 10 januari 2020


I'm not convinced it was a missile yet. If it was though instead of blaming the person that launched the missile take a minute and put yourself in their shoes. They just launched an attack and are expecting retaliation with incoming fire likely directed at their location as missile sites and radar systems are normally the first targets hit. They are expecting an attack and see an aircraft on radar. What do you expect to happen.

My question is what pilot thinks it is a good idea to fly a commercial jet just after a missile attack was launched? What passenger gets on that flight? I am assuming they knew about the attack it could be they didn't.

War doesn't determine who is right it determines who is left.

Orthopod | 10 januari 2020


Read the article

He had 1min31 seconds to decide between a retaliation middle or a commercial flight.
The direction was coming the other way around
It was following an airport route

Decision, if taken at all, was pure incompetence.

kaffine | 10 januari 2020

I have to admit it was shot down.

Still doesn't answer the question of why was a commercial flight operating there at that time.

IFF while on commercial airlines does not identify the aircraft as friend, the only way to identify it as a friend is if it has the encrypted secret key for the day. This is something commercial aircraft don't have only military aircraft. The encrypted IFF can be spoofed so it can't be trusted in war.

I will say that Boeing is relieved it wasn't their fault. Boeing didn't have a good year last year between the Max and the AF tanker issues.

Xerogas | 10 januari 2020

@BadgerErickson: "It wasn't a mistake.

It was NOT Iran."
Iran admitted to it

SCCRENDO | 10 januari 2020

I say it was Hillary. Lock her up.

Orthopod | 11 januari 2020

You’re right, he admitted on Twitter

I thought Iran would deny like Russia and USA did for decades

Orthopod | 11 januari 2020

« BadgerErickson | January 10, 2020
It wasn't a mistake.

It was NOT Iran. »

Thank you for showing how you don’t understand anything in life, starting with pedestrian safety from car designs to a nation admitting they accidentally shot their own civilians. Your credibility on theses forums is below zero.

BadgerErickson | 11 januari 2020

Oh my, do you feel better now? The Afghan War Reports; 19 years of documented lies about murder, for oil and plain malice. Malice much like yours; a hatred for people you have never met. Your seething malice is a cancer which belongs ONLY to YOU, you cannot give it away in a Forum such as this or any other.

Keep it, it is YOUR malicious anger and cancer to die with. Have a great day!

"Thank you for showing how you don’t understand anything in life, starting with pedestrian safety from car designs to a nation admitting they accidentally shot their own civilians. Your credibility on theses forums is below zero."

SCCRENDO | 11 januari 2020

@Badger. So who shot the plane down then??

Tesla-David | 11 januari 2020
Orthopod | 11 januari 2020

Badger you’re the most useless human being ever created.
And this is facts, not personal opinion.

The planet doesn’t need people like you. We are lucky there are not many like you

Middledawg | 11 januari 2020

@ Tesla-David. Yes, they did. It's called the fog of war. Unfortunately that is not the only fog afflicting our so called commander in chief. He's both foggy and froggy 24/7.

Enzodriver | 11 januari 2020

Iran is full of individuals who do not think about the consequences of their actions until very long after the dust has settled. Its in their DNA.

SCCRENDO | 11 januari 2020

In this situation I believe it was an honest mistake. Although a devastating mistake. This was a planned response that I believe was politically necessary and indeed restrained. If one of our leaders was assassinated illegally we would likely have reacted more vigorously. But they also needed to be aware of a further US response to their attack. So they were likely very anxious and shot first asking questions lately. Iran may be an evil empire. But they are not stupid. In fact I would suggest they are far smarter than our dear leader. They would not be stupid enough to take down a Ukrainian airliner with Iranian as well as other nationalities on board

Orthopod | 11 januari 2020

I’m surprised they admitted it.
Too many proofs to hide?
International inspectors arriving?
They don’t really give a damn about public opinion.

But, contrasting to other nations who never admitted for decades, it is surprising they have admitted after tweeting it was a mechanical problem, then deleting their tweet, then denying, then admitting within 48hours.

A bit surprising.

At least the families will know the truth and the grieving will be « easier ». Even if it’s terrible.