First Month with 1.5 kw Charging

First Month with 1.5 kw Charging

One month has gone by with very few issues with charging from a regular wall outlet.
Its not ideal as it takes all evening, night and an hour in the morning to increase SOC 15%-20%.


I'm not long for my apartment life as I will be moving into a more permanent residence at the end of the month.
Its been real crazy and I don't envy those of you who have to live this way long term but it helps if your complex or rent house offers a garage with power.

I paid $85 more a month to use one of the on-site garages/storage units to house my P3D and charge.
The complex didn't know if the garages had power but I asked the maintenance guy and he told me they did.
I added the garage to my rent and told them I'd be charging in it and that they may see a rise in electricity usage.
They were kind and had a "wait and see" attitude on whether I would owe something for the charging.
After a month, no word on paying for any of the electricity I've used to charge the 3.

Only after long trips did I worry about getting enough charge to make it into work.
A normal day would consume 12-18% and I would gain SoC day after day.
Weekend and short work days would hit the 90% limit with no problem.

For those future owners who live in an apartment or rent house and have an option of a garage with power, the regular 1500 watt 120VAC outlet maybe plenty to keep your car going.

Bonus: I haven't paid to charge my car yet!!!!

Lonestar10_1999 | 13 januari 2020

There is no fuel better than free fuel.

Pg3ibew | 13 januari 2020

Let's all cheer for FREE ELECTRONS!!! WOOOOOT WOOOOT!!!