Winter tires bleed air...anybody else

Winter tires bleed air...anybody else

I’m running Pirelli Scorpion 275 45 r20 on Tesla Sportline Rims.

At anything above about 35° I don’t have any problems.

As soon as the temperature gets below that they start to lose air like crazy. For example I will fill them up to 40 PSI and then a day later many of them are too low and one was as low as 26 PSI!

Obviously not optimal for going up to the ski hill.

Firestone has looked at them but the tires never leaked when they were at the shop.

Anybody got any ideas? | 14 januari 2020

Maybe hard to find someone with those specific tires and rims and in freezing weather. You might contact Sportline to see if they know anything unusual about their rims. Sounds like all four tires have the issue, so it's either a design problem with the tires or the rims or the combination. Sorry, that's not very helpful.

ElectricSteve | 9 februari 2020

Are these the first tires on these rims or had these rims have other tires mounted on them in the past?