Will TSLA hit $800 Yes, 4-Feb-2020

Will TSLA hit $800 Yes, 4-Feb-2020

Can't write these fast enough :)

3-Feb-2020 - Closed at $780.00 with a daily high of $786.14
4-Feb-2020 - Opened at $882.96 due to overnight trading
5-Feb-2020 - Opened at $823.26, and dipped below $800 during the day

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

you missed out on $700

Orthopod | 3 februari 2020

This stock is on roids

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

763 right now

dmm1240 | 3 februari 2020

Short squeeze underway.

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

777. Wtf is actually going on? | 3 februari 2020

A short squeeze may be happening as @dmm pointed out. The Shorts have to sell/cover the poor bets on Tesla, and some want to get out before loosing more. That requires buying shares, but when no one is selling the price moves up very quickly. There has been so much stock shorted it creates a stampede to get out of the short positions. Costly now, and more costly later for those idiots. Don't feel sorry for them at all.

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

so the "squeeze" is in reference to alot of short sellers deciding to stop? It just dropped under 750 again

Orthopod | 3 februari 2020

I wanted to buy another 300 shares this morning but with that short squeeze, it’s erratic

OCModel3 | 3 februari 2020

Technically the squeeze is when the shorts decide to try to close out losses and have to be buy the shares that they do not own and bet were going to fall below the price they borrowed them at. As TT noted, when there are not enough shares available for sale, they have to keep offering higher and higher bids, and then the squeeze is on.

But it does not mean that the short sellers are going to stop. Some of them are so addicted, that they cannot help themselves and likely opened new short positions. When Tesla crossed $400, $500, and $600, no doubt those that just closed out loss positions went back in again. And now they may be covering losses for a second time.

I have zero sympathy for them and I really hope we start to hear stories that some have them have gone belly up. The really large funds headed with losers like David Einhorn have enough diversification to survive these huge losses, but their investors are going to be shocked when they see the losses. Hopefully many of those investors will withdraw their funds and inflict some pain on the funds. But then there are many other smaller individual traders who took huge bets against TSLA and their brokerages are requiring them to close out their positions. No tears shed for them, that's for sure!

Orthopod | 3 februari 2020

So we are enjoying the first day shorts are taking their losses massively

SamO | 3 februari 2020

Not a short squeeze per ihor: I'm not hear about short covering in size occurring on the street - looks like long buying is driving up #Tesla's stock price and not $TSLA short covering. | 3 februari 2020

@SamO, I expect you're right, but I wonder how anyone knows what shorts are actually doing. Not an area I'm that familiar with.

dmm1240 | 3 februari 2020

@SamO. Wow!

If that is indeed the case, then a short squeeze is inevitable because brokerage houses will make margin calls forcing shorts to cover. When that occurs TSLA could really shoot up. Many retail shorts will be wiped out. Some of the brokerage houses will indeed fail or experience investors pulling their money out of funds with heavy Tesla short positions. I don't know if bloody is adequate to describe what they're in for.

dmm1240 | 3 februari 2020

A word of caution on this. If you want to dive into this by buying TSLA shares anticipating a doubling or tripling of the current price, proceed with caution. In other words, don't bet the farm on it. There is no way to tell what the ceiling is on a short squeeze because it's driven by the supply and demand for shares, not a company's underlying fundamentals. Typically, when all the shorts have been forced or decide to cover and get their hands on enough shares to do so, the price tops out and is followed by a decline. In classic squeezes, the decline is usually more gradual than the price increase that proceeded it, but it is still rather rather fast. Eventually, a stock tends to stabilize at a price far below the peak but still up from what it was when the run up began.

Guessing the top price is an extremely iffy proposition. There is no way to accurately predict where the top is, it will just happen. Don't let yourself get caught up in the enthusiasm, and don't hold on too long after the squeeze tops out unless you don't care and are holding on for the long term because you're expecting the $22,000 or whatever price some analysts are starting to tout.

As has been pointed out, my guess is Tesla has achieved some remarkable breakthrough in battery technology that will be announced in April. (Probably that they've developed a reliable and cheap solid state battery that lasts much longer, is denser meaning each battery can hold more energy). If that's the case, then Tony Seba's prediction that the tipping point for EVs will occur in 2022 is dead on. From then on, Tesla will be constrained by its ability to produce enough vehicles to meet demand, not demand. ICE cars will be finished a whole lot quicker than almost all expect. But, that's simply a guess on my part. We'll have to wait and see.

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

The worst or best part about EVs, is that when someone wants an EV, their chance of getting an ICE car is 0%. ICE sales drop to zero in the interim.

dmm1240 | 3 februari 2020

Oh, and if you're holding a legacy auto stock, you MAY want to consider selling that stock, depending on what Tesla announces in April. Some legacy companies, dragged kicking and screaming to it but dragged there nonetheless, have finally seen the handwriting on the wall and are moving fast (i.e. Volkswagen). Others are still late but finally see the future as well (i.e GM). Still others are doing the ostrich with its head in the sand bit (i.e. Toyota). It's already too late for some, a few have a chance to survive. But make no mistake there will be carnage, consolidation and bankruptcies galore.

Right now, Toyota rules cars sales being by far the largest. However, Toyota management has decided to stick fingers in their ears and sing "la, la, la" because they want things to stay the same. They have done next to zip to get ready for the EV revolution. Kodak ruled photography in 2000, by 2012 they were in bankruptcy. Toyota is my top candidate to suffer the same fate.

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

Yep. Toyota has pushed back the most. They have been doing hybrids for a long time, and could have taken stage front but instead want things like hydrogen for whatever reason.

dmm1240 | 3 februari 2020

A corollary: What happens to outfits like Car Max when EV demand takes off? EVs are new and las longer so people are going to keep them a lot longer. Car Max, et al depend on people trading in ICE vehicles so they can buy a new one. But with demand for ICE cars sinking like a stone, Car Max will be stuck with millions of vehicles nobody wants any more. Not good if you hold Car Max stock.

In his new book, Tony Seba talks about a $25 per barrel price for oil within a few years because demand is going to drops off a cliff as transportation goes electric. Seba says he talked to an oil company CEO who is planning for a $15 a barrel price.

Jim Cramer, of all people, said last week he was done with fossil fuels. The backstory is Cramer's daughter drove a Tesla Model X from Washington State to San Francisco. 100 miles into the trip, she called dad and told him to go out and buy a Model X now. Cramer did and the light bulb went on. He's turned on a dime from Tesla critic to promoter.

dmm1240 | 3 februari 2020

Forgot the bottom line line: Fossil fuel related stocks are going nowhere but down, maybe meander around at the same price point for a while, but then down. Big dividends or not, for oil, ICE car sellers and manufacturers, auto parts stores, and so forth -- their underlying business models are destined to suffer disruption.

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

You do not want to be investing in the technology that is being phased out. Thats just logical.

dmm1240 | 3 februari 2020

@Andy. Yep.

One could say the same for classic utilities. Duke Power isn't going to go away in the near term, there will still probably be a need for a central power producer for a heavy users, but these companies too are in for disruption. Distributed solar (meaning on your roof) is taking off. The price keeps dropping and is reaching a point where developers will start installing solar panels/tiles as a selling point when they build new subdivisions. Many companies (i.e Walmart) are now adding solar capacity to the roofs of their stores, distribution centers, factories, etc.

Electrical utilities will experience disruption as well, maybe not as drastic as what is about to happen to legacy auto and oil in the near term, but disrupted they will be.

And think about this: We have already started to fight oil wars to secure oil supplies. It's the fulcrum for politics in the Middle East. What happens if we no longer need the oil? (Which is coming and sooner than many think). Putin's Russia is a thorn in the world's desire for peace and order. Joe Biden described Russia as a gas station with an army. He's right. Putin's policies have turned Russia into an oil state with an economy the size of Italy. What happens to him when Western Europe turns off the spigot saying, "Oil? We don't need you stinking oil any more!"

The way we approach international relations is about to change dramatically.

Uncle Paul | 3 februari 2020

Soon, TSLA will be entered into the S&P 500. At that time, $Billions will slow in from all the index funds that will drop what ever get pushed out, and buy significantly into Tesla.

This has been a once in a lifetime ride for many. Congratulations to the faithful.

Orthopod | 3 februari 2020

All my boring secure portfolio of XGRO and VGRO
Will feed my rollercoasting and exciting TSLA

jordanrichard | 3 februari 2020

Closed at $780.

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

yes. did very well today, rather unexpected 128 point gain. | 3 februari 2020

Yep, I bet a lot of us would have loaded up if we knew it was going to rocket up this fast in a day :) Now if I can just figure a way to learn tomorrow's stock values today, I'd be set for life!

Tesla2018 | 3 februari 2020

When my parents put $500k from selling their inherited vacation home into CDs in because they were downsizing and getting ready for retirement, I told them that I put some of my IRA money into Tesla and said they should buy some too. They always thought stocks were risky since they remember their parents talking about the depression. They would have been up 20 million if they listened to me!

akgolf | 3 februari 2020

I put some of my retirement IRA money into Tesla three years ago. A little less than the cost of a Model 3. Now close to the price of a performance Model X.

Still holding.

Ross1 | 3 februari 2020

The new wars will be fought over mining in Space, and SpaceX has the advantage with 40000 satellites destined to cover the globe with the potential to disrupt all comers. SpaceX will be the Superpower of Space. And Musk the Dictator/autocrat.

Ross1 | 3 februari 2020

actually we should be scared, very scared.

Orthopod | 3 februari 2020

Scared of the nuclear bomb that is the TSLA stock?

andy.connor.e | 3 februari 2020

there u go

bgbythsea | 3 februari 2020

Glad to have a few shares. If it holds reasonably well, I think I'll upgrade my Cybertruck reservation to highest spec. Doubt if I'll live long enough to live under a Teslocracy, but if I do that Cybertruck will come in handy.

Ross1 | 3 februari 2020

Maxxer, what I said is that 40000 satellites up there covering the earth will likely have OTA update abilities and able to vary their functions just like the Tesla cars. How this is used is totally in the hands of one person.

Nexxus | 4 februari 2020

Tesla was up 19% yesterday because Panasonic declared their first quarter in the black for their battery production from the gigfactory. Right now Tesla is over $800 trading after hours.

Ross1 | 4 februari 2020

Can't see it. Are you sure?

andy.connor.e | 4 februari 2020

Its not going to hit 800 today. Its going to open at almost 900 today.

andy.connor.e | 4 februari 2020

Actually its looking like it wont even hit $800 today. Its going straight for 900

andy.connor.e | 4 februari 2020

Punched through $900.


Wheres our damn thread!!!!

Big-B | 4 februari 2020

I had to sell today at $890. It's definitely a short squeeze and will eventually drop back to reality, but guessing the high point is impossible. I'll buy some back when it drops back down to the $300's.

jordanrichard | 4 februari 2020

11:30 EST, sitting at $889

jimglas | 4 februari 2020

looks like I will be buying a roadster

jordanrichard | 4 februari 2020

Closed at $887 with after hours trading of $900

Orthopod | 4 februari 2020

Now I can buy a roadster with those shortsqueezes

Ross1 | 5 februari 2020

It might hit 800 again tomorrow on the way back, have you considered that?

Ross1 | 5 februari 2020

It did

andy.connor.e | 6 februari 2020

its a temporary drop. i read like 5 articles yesterday saying that TSLA is screwed because of the coronavirus delays. They are literally telling you that this is temporary. You would be a fool not to get more shares!

Ross1 | 8 februari 2020

or broke, like you and me!

andy.connor.e | 9 februari 2020