HW 3 Upgrade scheduled

HW 3 Upgrade scheduled

I got on the Tesla app and requested the HW 3 upgrade (I bought the FSD last year) and, to my surprise, they scheduled it for Feb 13th. Looking forward to it since i think they will start coming out with more and more features that require HW 3 over the next few months.

Kary993 | 3 februari 2020

Lucky you!!

teslamazing | 3 februari 2020

What option did u click to schedule only for HW3?

Effopec | 3 februari 2020

VIN & location?

Kary993 | 3 februari 2020

I tried to schedule a HW3 appointment and they scheduled it and then two days later cancelled it saying they did not have my hardware yet.

spuzzz123 | 3 februari 2020

I’m not meaning to sound like sour grapes. But, who cares? Cone visualization? I want to be the last person outfitted with HW3 before a significant FSD feature is released.

sixstring09 | 3 februari 2020

I wouldnt want to be the first in line for HW3 since there were some problems with the initial implementation.

Hopefully they have this figured out.

I'll wait a few more months to get HW3.

Hopefully by then they come out with something where the wheel wont have to be touched every 20 seconds on the interstate.

Marbix | 3 februari 2020

My HW3 is scheduled for Friday (VIN 14xxx April 2018 SoCal).

I booked last Thursday via the app under "Other" with a manually entered description of "Upgrade to HW3 if available for my VIN".

It auto-booked for mobile service but then an hour later it re-booked to the Model 3 only service center in Santa Ana. I interpret that as a human reading my description and blessing the request.

Kary993 | 3 februari 2020

I got the same thing a while back and then they cancelled the appointment.......sadly....

rob | 4 februari 2020

Same happened to me yesterday. Canceled. VIN: 187nnn

teslamazing | 4 februari 2020

Tried as well but put “on hold”. Here’s the text I got:

Hi, It's Tesla Mobile Service. We have received your appointment request. The hardware is being sent to the Service Centers with name and VIN attached. Once they receive it, they will reach out to have you schedule for installation. At this time, we do not have an ETA, as they are being rolled out by configuration, region and model. We are cancelling the date and time for this appointment, and placing this on hold until you have acknowledged receipt of this message. Thank you, Tesla Virtual Service.

charles.a.braun | 4 februari 2020

Hardware IS NOT name/VIN specific

teslamazing | 4 februari 2020

Um ok.

s_wilcox63 | 4 februari 2020

I am still scheduled for the update on Friday. It has been a few days so maybe they will not cancel it. I am in St. Louis area with a 97,XXX VIN. I paid for FSD with the car in Sept. 2018.

I heard a completely unsubstantiated rumor they were doing a bunch of upgrades in February. I thought maybe something was coming up with FSD so I scheduled the appointment 1/31/20.

My timing is always wrong with Tesla so take that for what it is worth.

gballant4570 | 4 februari 2020

I got a windshield crack last week, and scheduled an appointment on the app. The next day I saw there was an estimate available for approval, and when I looked at it I saw that I will also get HW3 at the same appointment, on Monday the 10th.

I am looking forward to it.....

Daryl | 4 februari 2020

I scheduled HW3 update through the app, to be done 2 weeks out. Two days later, Tesla service called to tell me that they checked, and my upgrade board is not yet available. They told me to reschedule the update 4 weeks out and see what happens at that time.

It seems like some service centers tell people "Don't call us, we'll call you", and some say "Try again in a few weeks".

My VIN is 16XXX. Delivered April 2018 | 4 februari 2020

I also tried to schedule mine and it was cancelled the following day or so, and I was told they were only doing Model S at this time and I would be contacted when my VIN comes up. Per another thread we started a tracking spreadsheet of this, you can access it via this URL "" if you want to add your information,

mrburke | 4 februari 2020

@charles.a.braun - "Hardware IS NOT name/VIN specific"

You know this how ?

At some point they need to allocate an HW3 computer to each eligible car. The Vin # would be one way to do that.
Also I assume, but don't know, that each computer has a serial#/MAC address and other identifying information so that "Tesla Central" knows from which car the data is coming from.

So unless you have inside information, we don't know when the computer get paired with the car.

wallacej010 | 5 februari 2020

I have a Oct."18. Performance 3 and live in Hawaii. I purchased FSD Feb.'19. VIN 76xxx.

Today's e-mail from my mobile service center rep indicated that my FSD chip is on Oahu and will be shipped to Maui Ranger staff who will fly to Big Island to install it at my residence. at some point in the future.

They also said their rangers have been rotating to Fremont to learn to work on the Model Y.

how it is in the Islands

charles.a.braun | 5 februari 2020

@mrburke - "You know this how?"

My personal experience with the Full Self Driving Computer Retrofit made it perfectly clear to me.

I suppose it is possible that my computer was sent to a service center I had never visited and some 300 miles away from the nearest service center that I have visited in the past and 250 miles from my primary residence.

But it is not likely.

I suspect that it is more likely that I scheduled an appointment at this distant service center that I have never been to before and they checked my VIN and determined that I could be scheduled to receive one of the computers that they had in inventory.

Why would they have just happened to have the computer for my car when they were so distant and I had never interacted with them.

Once it was in my car then yes, I am sure they did something to associate the specific hardware to my specific car on the back end. But I didnt see anything that would lead me to believe that the HW was built at Tesla with my name and VIN assigned to the hardware at build time.

kram | 6 februari 2020

Went in for a tire rotation, and got H/W 3 upgrade. Took about 3 hours for them to complete the install.

Bruno442 | 6 februari 2020

I called Monday about FSD missing from my account page (as many others has). No resolve there yet but he did tell me my car was ready to upgrade. I booked the appointment two weeks out and so far no cancellation. VIN 086xxx, Charlotte, NC. I too am somewhat reluctant to install now feeling that improvements might be made to the hardware down the road. Am I over thinking this? They probably have enough upgrades already built for all of us and it probably won't matter.

JAD | 6 februari 2020

@Bruno, I have it on very good authority that the 4.0 Hardware coming out in about 4 years will be better, faster and cheaper. You may want to just wait for that.

On a totally separate note, Charlotte has a spare HW 3 computer now for someone who wants it.... :)

Joho.keith | 6 februari 2020

Got scheduled for the HW 3 upgrade and dropped it off this morning. They initially wanted the car for 24 hrs and this morning they increased it to 2 full days. The reason is they are queuing up large numbers of computer upgrades to push through the backlog. That certainly makes it efficient for Tesla but is very inconvenient for the customer. Reports in this thread state a 3 hour servicing time. I objected and the service advisor was sympathetic but that is their plan. You get $200 in Uber credits. Tomorrow is a Friday and we agreed that the upgrade would be aborted if the car had to stay until Monday. I’ll update tomorrow.

gballant4570 | 6 februari 2020

Joho.keith, I sure hope I don;t hear this on Monday.... but I am not in Ca, so maybe I won't....

charles.a.braun | 6 februari 2020

The time to install the FSD computer in Model S and X is 2-3 hours.

Model 3 is 5 hours.

That is 2-3 hours or 5 hours of actual work so if you are like the majority, you will show up at the SC at your scheduled time and they likely wont start on your car for a few hours.

I'd count on them keeping your car for 2 days.

You can read all of the details and trials / tribulations of my upgrade experience starting on Jan 3rd in this thread

joe | 6 februari 2020

Got my HW3 upgrade recently in San Diego. I don't think the HW3 computers are shipped linked individually to VINs. My understanding from what they explained was that Fremont enters an eligibility bulletin under your VIN in the master computer system, after which the service centers are allowed to do the install.

walnotr | 6 februari 2020

Mine was installed today. Took about five hours start to finish. Also, was contacted yesterday to see if I could bring it in earlier than my 4/12 appointment. It’s really horrible how Tesla Service treats their customers! The only complaint I had was the coffee machine wasn’t working.

walnotr | 6 februari 2020

And anther aside, I asked if they were going to begin letting the mobile techs start installing. They said that was the plan when more techs have a chance to learn the procedure. I didn’t want to waste a lot of their time but talking with them I got the impression the software upload for the new system was via the internet. That might explain some of the two hour update time.

Joho.keith | 6 februari 2020

Here’s an update about my Fremont HW3 upgrade. After some more discussion about the 2 day service time they got it done in one day. 8:00am drop off and 5:30pm pick up. I’m glad they listened. I didn’t make a fuss but was clear that it wasn’t reasonable.

dave | 6 februari 2020

I am encouraged to see people starting to get the installs available. I assume all are by user request, not by Tesla contacting owners? My car was made in Jan 19, Im assuming Im gonna have to wait a bit longer for elide ability than some earlier owners.. cant wait though!

walnotr | 7 februari 2020

The installs are definitely ramping up.

satarsalari | 7 februari 2020

Made my HW3 install appointment last night as a mobile request. Received this text today:

Good Afternoon, this is Tesla virtual service, we wanted to notify you that mobile service cannot complete the installation of the HW3. We will need to update the appointment the appointment to 2/18/20 at 1:00PM. If you need to adjust the appointment for any reason you can do this through the app or text our team. Thank you!

M3 SR+ delivered Dec 18
FSD Purchased Aug 2019
Vin 155XXX

Keeping fingers crossed.

Nazrat414 | 7 februari 2020

My request (outside Chicago) was bonged this week. “Check back in 4 weeks” they said. Worth the wait hopefully.

jefjes | 7 februari 2020

I haven't heard anything from Tesla and my VIN is 25XXX with a June '18 delivery date. Not so sure I should try and schedule an appointment since the whole voice command debacle. I would hate it if it introduces problems I don't currently have. Been sick for the last few days so maybe I'll swing by the service center next week if feeling up to it. I do want to get it as I paid for it but not seeing any real benefit being reported yet unless seeing traffic cones is appealing.

mrburke | 7 februari 2020

I can't figure out why everyone is in such a hurry to get the HW3 upgrade, when at this point, there is very little advantage in having it.

slabella | 7 februari 2020

Scheduled for 2/24 in Massachusetts, 2018/Oct delivered.
Vin - 116xxx long range 4-DR with Auto pilot option paid and full self driving paid.

Let’s see how it all goes. Have to take the M3 into the T- service center, mobile service stated not field upgradable.

Wish me luck!

satarsalari | 7 februari 2020

Hurry? I paid for it 6 months ago. Not big into paying for things I can’t have unless it’s stock. It’s not like the bugs will be worked out in a month or 2. Each install will be different so it will be nice to get it and work the kinks out before FSD is out.

Resist | 8 februari 2020

Does anyone know what they have to take apart to install HW3? I ask because the last time the Service Center had my car, they scratched some of the plastic panels (the plastic is too soft and the techs are sloppy). So I'm a bit nervous about them messing with my car again.

shank15217 | 8 februari 2020

@mrburke that can change with one fw update, then you open up the floodgates.

nwsrgilmore | 8 februari 2020

I just had my M3P (VIN 55,xxx) upgraded to HW3 this past week. I was advised by Tesla Service to just schedule it in the app. It defaulted to mobile service who in turn rescheduled it for the new Service Center that opened in my area. The swap of the computer components took about six hours including software reload. Job looked good - no scratches that I saw although there was one of the plastic "clips" sitting in the cup holder, so I wonder if they forgot to put one back in. There was a fair amount of settings to restore after the HW3 install. I had to re-establish all my Homelink settings, seat positions and some of the odometer settings I'd had since day one were gone forever. Still, it's pretty cool seeing the traffic lights and stop signs in the visualization screen.

slabella | 8 februari 2020

Hi nwsrgilmore, your location?
Best regards,

joe | 8 februari 2020

M3 computers are water-cooled. Service has to breach and drain the cooling system, change the circuit board, and replace coolant and re-seal. In San Diego, they are not doing it mobile. If you schedule appointment on the Tesla app, select "collision repair" as the category, and you will be scheduled directly to the SC instead of mobile. (per Carlsbad SC)

s_wilcox63 | 8 februari 2020

The HW3 update was completed on my model 3 AWD on Friday. They said I was one of the lucky ones. It looked like they started the install later in the day. The car did not go offline until maybe 2:00. They finished it right at 6:00. I was able to pick it up from their lot and drop off the Model S loaner.

All my data was kept! The only thing was dirt on the white passenger seat and dash trim. They had called me originally to say it would not be done until Monday. Then maybe 10 minutes later I received the call saying it was done. So I am guessing there was no time for a wipe down. I much prefer having my car back and spending a minute to wipe it down than having the S for the weekend.

karl.m.henderson | 11 februari 2020

I tired to schedule HW3 upgrade and it was cancelled - I have a service appointment in the morning for leaks - HW3 upgrade NOT included:

Model 3
Full FSD purchased with the vehicle April 2018
VIN: 017xxx
Location: Northern Virginia

Given that I see a lot of other upgrades with higher VINs and later purchase dates, I'm not sure what priority algorithm they're using...

Haggy | 11 februari 2020

"I can't figure out why everyone is in such a hurry to get the HW3 upgrade, when at this point, there is very little advantage in having it."

You get better visualization but no functional difference for now. People want it because it's nice to have, and because they paid for it, so they'd like it sooner rather than later. Everybody should have it by the time that the software is ready, because I think there would be too much push back if some people don't get the software and can't schedule it. So it's unlikely that you'll be stuck without the capability when FSD is in general release.

I can understand why people want it even if they don't need it and it doesn't offer a big advantage, for the same reason I can understand people wanting a Model 3 when another car would get them to and from work just as fast.

s_wilcox63 | 11 februari 2020

Actually I did have some data lost with the upgrade. First the radio stations showed up on the screen but when I selected them nothing happened. I had to scan to the stations and add them as favorites again. I also had a lot of other controls turned off. NOAP, Sentry Mode, lane change on NOAP along with some other things. So basically when you get the upgrade make sure you go through all the settings again.

kevin_rf | 11 februari 2020

Not in a rush, and not a peep from Tesla, be interesting when they do reach out. 68k Vin, New England.

gballant4570 | 11 februari 2020

Picking mine up in the morning. They finished it late today, after a Monday am drop off. There was also a windshield install involved.....

-TheJohn- | 11 februari 2020

I'm very very curious if any of the folks who erroneously received FSD will get the call to upgrade.

slabella | 26 februari 2020

Update! 2/24/2020. Went very well, total 4 hours and I was on my way. No preset losses. Everything was saved.

Very happy with Tesla service. Now I can see the new cone and other items being displayed. Autopilot seemed better and responsive.

Scheduled for 2/24 in Massachusetts, 2018/Oct delivered.
Vin - 116xxx long range 4-DR with Auto pilot option paid and full self driving paid.

Let’s see how it all goes. Have to take the M3 into the T- service center, mobile service stated not field upgradable.

Very pleased and can’t wait for the FSD release.

Way to go Tesla!!!!!