Interesting article about stock price in future....

Interesting article about stock price in future....

ARK Invest states there is a 70% possibility Tesla will fail to achieve autonomous driving.

However their overall outlook on TSLA stock price is huge!!!

gballant4570 | 3 februari 2020

ARK is quite the bull..... but I think they might be onto something. I am taking the ride....

Bighorn | 3 februari 2020

Probably the most attuned set of analysts. As I recall, she’d bought $420 calls for ~Jan 20 and it was well above that by the time.

Joseb | 3 februari 2020

Is all a gamble really.

ADinM3 | 3 februari 2020

@BH, I read that also but can't find the article now. I was reading quickly, but I inferred it was $5 options for $420 calls for Jan 20 back when the stock was around $180/sh. Was that the correct time of the option buy? What I also wasn't clear on was whether she bought with her money or within the fund. If my understanding is correct, then that is some serious conviction as that was far out of money and still not a particularly cheap option.

Ironically, their funds didn't seem to be particularly crushing the market over the last 5 years last time I looked, but this could be due more to fund fees versus actual performance of their picks. Never really dug into it.