Tesla Ride-Sharing is coming, next I anticipate Tesla Rentals

Tesla Ride-Sharing is coming, next I anticipate Tesla Rentals

EM: I think it will probably make sense to enable car sharing in advance of the kind of robotaxi fleet because the car sharing can be done before Full Self-Driving is approved by regulators. So it’s probably something that we would enable before a sort of robotaxi fleet is enabled.

I'm a robo-taxi fleet skeptic but was convinced about Tesla ride-sharing network and Tesla rentals. I was influenced heavily because I tried Uber and Turo. Let's see where this goes :)

jordanrichard | 4 februari 2020

Basically this will be Tesla being Uber. This is a 100% profit generator for them. Instead of ride sharing through Uber, one does it through Tesla. this has nothing to do with FSD, even my 2014 MS could do this. Granted I don't know all of the details of this move on their part, but "ride sharing" is an app.

This is actually a brilliant move on their part. Just think of all of the non Tesla owners out there that instead of using Uber/Lyft, getting picked up in anything, they can't use Tesla ride sharing and they know they will get a Tsal to pick them up. This also just creates more exposure for Tesla.

teslamazing | 4 februari 2020

Free advertising.

hokiegir1 | 4 februari 2020

I think it'll be more akin to ZipCars than Uber/Lyft. Still an interesting concept, but will depend on how it's implemented. I wouldn't necessarily be opposed, but I'd want to know what kind of assurance there would be that my car would be back where I need it when I need it before I'd be part of it.

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

"This is actually a brilliant move on their part." @jordanrichard

Wasn't this the plan all along?
I'd happily trade my Uber rides for Tesla. If I'm covered by their insurance and if I can write off those miles as depreciation in taxes that's a big enough win for me. Oh, I also need to be able to filter rides to work/home.

jordanrichard | 4 februari 2020

Hokiegirl, IMHO no one is going to sign up to have their cars used in a Zipcar fashion. There is no guarantee your car would get back to you in time for you to leave work.

hokiegir1 | 4 februari 2020

@jordan - That's exactly my concern, and is similar to the robo-taxi issue as I see it -- though with the additional challenge that it can't get back to you on it's own. For an Uber/lyft, they'd probably do better to partner with one of them as a separate service under their app (like the Lime/Byrd scooters) rather than creating a whole separate service. There are already a number of people who drive for the existing services in Tesla vehicles.

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

You're basically asking for Turo.

There's one thing that Tesla would have better over Turo - remotely unlocking the car. I wouldn't have to meet my customers in person to handover the keys. Or I won't have to do pre-delivery inspection thanks to sentry mode and in-cabin camera.
Turo worked great for me, and I'd be all over Tesla's version of Turo.

About getting your car back to you in time, no worries I anticipate Tesla ride-share credits if some slip up occurs.

The only kink is with repair times, they need to do something with replacement Teslas and/or rapid repairs. I suffered quite a bit due to long repair times when a Turo renter got into a fender bender in my car.

jordanrichard | 4 februari 2020

Well, with Robo taxi, the people in the car are not in control. So a robo car will know before even accepting a ride, whether or not it can do the trip and get back in time. A ZipCar set up has someone driving your car and nothing is to stop them from making a side trip which then delays them getting back to you in time. Also, ZipCar cars is primarily for one way trips. No telling if there will be a return trip, in time to get back to you. This is why Tesla basically becoming their own Uber, will be best, until the actual robo cars come on line.

teslamazing | 4 februari 2020

Another way to collect more data. Genius.

hokiegir1 | 4 februari 2020

"Ford Edge's Autosteer is much smoother than Model 3's and it doesn't keep asking for hands on wheel, not sure how Ford is able to do it without the check-in."

What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

Anyway -- @jordan - I think we're saying the same thing re: limitations/problems, but just expressing them differently. :) And I'm not proposing that Tesla use a zipCar-like method -- just saying that I was anticipating something similar. I'm really not sure how many owners will happily do either a robo-taxi or customer-driven ride share type service, given that these are people who spend thousands to have paint correction, ceramic coatings, and protection films applied. I just don't see them handing over any level of control -- nor offering to do the driving themselves for the most part, since that was already an option using current ride-share services.

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

Ignoring the above and moving on.

Did I mention I made several months of car payments from renting my car out - even after taking the accident into consideration?

Did I also mention that I benefited from ride-share money while I was basically commuting to work and back?

So I don't give much if Tesla benefits or not, I'm getting a way to boost my own revenue :)) that's the real benefit.

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

Hmm..@hokiegir1 you're not to be ignored :))

FISHEV | 4 februari 2020

"What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?"

Robotaxi must have Autosteer and Tesla's Autosteer is not as good as other production cars so miles to go before Tesla is "robotaxiing" and when they do it won't be with any currently equipped Teslas.

hokiegir1 | 4 februari 2020

@vmulla - Hubby has driven ours for lyft. There are some owners who I'm sure would participate, but the amount of people who have the "no fingers shall touch my marvelous machine" mindset is still high. I'm not sure there are enough who aren't like that (yet) to make the service viable as a standalone, which is why I said they could start out partnering with one of the existing companies. Now, once Model Ys are in high numbers on the road, I think we'll enter "regular" owner territory and it might be more feasible.

Joshan | 4 februari 2020

I thought this thread was about ride sharing?

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

"no fingers shall touch my marvelous machine" mindset @hokiegir1

:)) Yup. Getting over that attitude is an important change towards sustainable transportation as envisioned by Tesla.

Joshan | 4 februari 2020

I don't want anyone touching my baby either. But there is a price where that starts to fade :)

Joshan | 4 februari 2020

umm no thanks this thread is about Tesla Ride Sharing. Stop trying to derail.

Joshan | 4 februari 2020

So back to Tesla Ride Sharing...

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

If done right, the Tesla ride-share/taxi model will disrupt short haul air travel.
Imagine urban Superchargers as staging points for car rentals. Renting a Tesla + EAP is so much better than air tickets. The convenience is awesome.

Joshan | 4 februari 2020

So don't do it and let the adults in the room have a discussion.

@vmulla, totally agree if will be huge if done right. I am in Chicago and it would be amazing to just head over to the supercharger and grab a Tesla and have it drive me down to Disney. I can see this as a huge growth opportunity since they already control the entire pipeline.

hokiegir1 | 4 februari 2020

@Joshan - I'd just be happy being able to fly to Disney and then have a Tesla available when we need a vehicle. We've been cursing all of our rentals lately.

Joshan | 4 februari 2020

Agree 100% I fly to Florida in 2 days HAHA!

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

I specifically mentioned short-haul air travel ;)
I've done the Washington DC to Florida route far too many times with the kiddos, and it isn't easy - economical but not easy.
I'm thinking folks will prefer semi-autonomous rental cars to fly between the smaller cities and the airline hubs - if you put in the time of travel + security + getting to/from the airport.

I've said this many times on this forum before - I'm waiting for the day when I drive my Tesla to the airport, leave it there at the Supercharger to be rented out, fly somewhere, land and rent another Tesla (hopefully from another Tesla owner)

Joshan | 4 februari 2020

no one cares about you or turo, stop derailing the thread troll.

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

Made good money with, there’s no compare if Tesla owners can get a fully integrated experience.

Ask me in a few hours I’ll type up all the advantages Tesla will have over turo :)

spuzzz123 | 4 februari 2020

Fish, since you insist on going off topic, would you address why someone has a screenshot of you explaining that you got home charging setup in your apartment/condo a year or more ago? All you’ve done since then is cry that you had to use broken superchargers. Why the deception?

FISHEV | 4 februari 2020

"Made good money with, there’s no compare if Tesla owners can get a fully integrated experience."

Always wondered how folks did with it. Did you put any speed limits on it? Folks I've rented from in PDX and SLC, it was unrestricted. is still around while all the ride shares are out of business.

jallred | 4 februari 2020 is still around while all the ride shares are out of business.-fish

Did I miss Uber and Lyft going out of business?

jallred | 4 februari 2020

Ride Share (renting a car)-fish

Ride share is not renting a car

teslamazing | 4 februari 2020

Lolol fish is quite a character. Too funny.

Coastal Cruiser. | 4 februari 2020

I put 30K miles on a new Bolt EV last year driving part time on weekends for Uber and Lyft. When I get my Model Y and later a Cybertruck the plan is to do more of the same. Could not bear to let my car out on Turo!

Driving my own car just one day a week was enough to make payments. Driving two days a week paid for tires, accessories, lease overage cost, groceries, and eating out.

Uber and Lyft are in shambles, especially in California, so I truly hope the human operated Tesla Network is an independent app.

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

@Coastal Cruiser,
If Tesla were to start a tesla owner to owner rental would you be more comfortable? It will be others who are familiar with cars, maybe that will ease your mind? I'm trying to find what the tipping point is for owners to accept Tesla's vision of a sharing platform.

Coastal Cruiser. | 4 februari 2020

Owner to owner rentals certainly sits on firmer ground. BTW - If you have had great luck on Turo that is awesome. More power to you.

As it happens, I am somewhat of an outlier in my needs for a car, and my driving and travel habits, so I am not a good one to poll. I live in a remote location so even I wanted to, lending my car would be a logistical challenge. Right now using my car to pick up rides while in town each week running errands is a perfect model for me.

BTW - I forgot the reason I even entered this thread! ARC Invest is out with a massively bullish call on TSLA (7K /share in future), and states the Tesla is enormously undervalued even at today's stock price. The Tesla Network figures strongly in their forecast. Here's the article:

vmulla | 4 februari 2020

@Coastal Cruiser,
I'm glad you brought up how the network affects valuation. I'm not at all familiar with stocks, but a quick back of napkin math suggests that stock price is ridiculously high if you consider just automobile sales. There has to be more to support the valuation.

Even well before I sat in the Model 3 I read about how the 3 was going to be perfect for car sharing. The day I sat in it I could see it all fit in - those buttons on the doors, software-controlled vents, accounts for each user, phone keys, camera in the cabin. Each small feature all fits perfectly towards a superb shareable car. I describe my car as a 4 wheeled bird scooter in my discussions - only to suggest how shareable it is. Now, there is only one car that can beat the 3 in terms of shareability - that's the Y, and that's just because of it's form factor.
I heard someone from Tesla other than EM discuss the future for automobiles, he said that the first step towards a car-sharing future is to remove the attachment and personal association with the machine - in the end, it will just become a means of transportation.

As far as Tesla's valuation goes, Tesla will have the most detailed rendering of the world's maps. Google maps won't hold a candle to what Tesla will produce. I saw what's possible with 3D rendering using the car's cameras in a Lamborgini Urus - Tesla can do that for every inch of the road. I believe that's another solid source of revenue in the future.

Enough of my rambling :) I got excited about what can be done in the future, but now back to short term realism - my flavor on the forum :P

richamali245 | 26 februari 2020

The posts so far a very good. To know more detail information about ridesharing

dprmoore | 28 februari 2020

I drive Uber and Lyft in my M3.

I live in an area where there are not a ton of Teslas yet. I basically get paid to drive around and talk about my car. I know, it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

Anyway, around 80% of the people I pick up lose their minds when I pull up. I have never seen so many people so excited to be driven to the airport.

I think a Tesla Rideshare would be extremely successful. And if riders could request specific drivers and cars, that would be amazing. Although, I'm not holding my breath.

I guess we shall see.

fwaliany | 3 maart 2020

It all depends on how EM differentiates himself from the Uber/Lyft model:

I know the director who works in Tesla and this is what he said:

1. Currently Uber charges you for waiting --> EM rideshare will eliminate this
2. EM rideshare app will have a carbon footprint so it's basically a running counter of how much you have helped the environment by riding clean. This is to essentially make the rider and everyone else feel better.
3. After the FSD, EM will allow you to sit on the passenger side and do the ride-sharing. So you can work and make some money at the same time. Vice versa you can sit in the back seat and let customer sit in front and use the screen!!!
4. EM will frequent rider meaning that if someone needs a ride every day to work 5 times a week and approx. 20 times a month, it will allow the driver and the rider to work out a monthly contract for a cheaper rate than using the ride-share every day. APPARENTLY THIS RATE WILL BE CHEAPER THAN UBER!!! THIS WILL BE THE MONEY MAKE FOR TESLA
5. rideshare app will be built into tesla so you don't need a phone.
6. There will be a loyalty program whereby drivers will get free supercharge after completing a number of rides

That's all I have heard

rxlawdude | 3 maart 2020

So will anyone doing the rideshare thing be prohibited from using Superchargers? (Commercial use is prohibited.)

Just sayin'.

ReD eXiLe ms us | 3 maart 2020

rxlawdude: I'm pretty sure that few will use the Tesla Network as their sole source of income. And Tesla would be getting a cut of each transaction on the Tesla Network anyway... So why not allow vehicles assigned to the network use Superchargers as well? If not 'free' while on active duty, they could at least have reduced cost, to allow make for a better user experience. Right?

SamO | 29 april 2020

Coming next year, per the recent Q1 2020 earnings call.

SamO | 29 april 2020

Bump . . .. Coming next year, per the recent Q1 2020 earnings call.

jmccpa | 29 april 2020

With over 40 years experience as CEO/CFO of major taxicab companies and as past president of the national trade association, I am very much aware of the current regulatory and other challenges of dispatching and providing city-wide safe and efficient taxi-cab or ride-sharing service.

While I do believe that the Tesla vehicles may possibly have the FSD capability next year, or not long after, the actual robotaxi operation may well be years after that.

vmulla | 29 april 2020

What's coming? The taxi service or rental cars? Thanks

jmccpa | 29 april 2020

I listened to the webcast of the Q1 call.

Elon was referring to taxicab service, but with a lot of hedging of the timing in his prediction.

SamO | 29 april 2020


They are claiming that it will be active somewhere on the planet. I'm sure your experience with taxis says that this will happen somewhere, but not everywhere. The main difference with Tesla is that with US/EU/China regulations as easy as three pieces of paper, it is not that far off.

IMO the taxi business will be decimated. Uber/Lyft are finished, unless they get their own versions. Manually driven cars will be for the super-wealthy, sick, aged and very young. There is still a business for that, but the "driver" will likely be providing some anciallary care services or security.


Well, I think I'll have to go back and listen, but the question was when will the first human-assisted Tesla Network launch and he answered level 5 Tesla Network would be in operation SOMEWHERE next year.

Not everywhere.

vmulla | 29 april 2020

Right in the OP I shared that I'm a strong believer in the Tesla ride-share network.
We often come across Uber drivers that rent cars and still manage to put food on the table, with the low operating costs this just makes sense - right here in the USA.

vmulla | 29 april 2020

^ inappropriate attempt to sidetrack a healthy discussion.

andy.connor.e | 29 april 2020

it was great news to hear about FSD. From home to work possibly by the end of the year. Gives me good confident feelings about FSD and the release of the Cybertruck. This year is going to be great! So far best Q1 results ever. Battery day next month, somewhere from 1-3 months we find out about next gigafactory. Did anyone catch that the battery day event would be either in California or in Texas? Master foreshadower. glad i hit the checkbox to lock in FSD at $7k with the reservation.