2020.4.1 Model 3 Dead

2020.4.1 Model 3 Dead

I received a notification that firmware update 2020.4.1 was available for my Model 3 Performance. Received a notice that firmware update failed but next morning the firmware version listed on the app was indeed 2020.4.1. Left for work using my MS and noticed that later in the AM the M3 was not able to connect to my app. Got home and lo and be hold the M3 was non-responsive, nothing, nada, not connecting to key card, or anything. Called Tesla roadside assistance and the car was "offline" which indicated that something was amiss. A tow operator was sent, he tried to jump the 12v battery which resulted in only being able to open door and detach from charger. Nothing else. Next guess, replace 12v battery. Mobile Tech comes out, replaces battery, and now at least the display activates but shows a number of non-trivial error messages (including messages related to low energy, car won't restart, HV issues, etc). The mobile tech had no idea what was going on, so car was towed to SC. Haven't heard back but it doesn't sound good. Thought it might be corrupt firmware, but rendering ones car dead due to a firmware problem is pretty extreme (car has less then 5K miles). Coincidence or not, never had any issues until the abortive 2020.4.1 firmware update. Anyone hear of any issues for this update. Haven't heard back from SC. Left a message indicating it might be corrupt firmware (hard to believe).

gballant4570 | 4 februari 2020

Might only be peripherally connected to the update, but I am only speculating that as a possibility. Possible fix might be flashing the car's computer with a new image, or the equivalent. I'm sure Tesla will get it sorted out.

Tronguy | 4 februari 2020

May not be the firmware. There have been a couple of incidents from time to time where the main fuse on the battery pack blows. Wait a bit after that and the 12V battery can go down for the count as well.
Alternatively, if the 12V battery connection goes off line (loose cable, bad 12V battery, bad high-voltage-12v-inverter, etc. goes out, the computers in the car will be out to lunch as well.
I suspect your problem isn't firmware, but may likely be a bit of hardware, and possibly easily fixed.

Scrannel | 4 februari 2020

Software "failing" probably a symptom not a cause. Let us know.

bjrosen | 4 februari 2020

A failure in the electrical system could have caused the software update failure.

teslamazing | 4 februari 2020

Scrannel, u in the medical field ?

Scrannel | 5 februari 2020

Nope. Trained in geology. Make my living, writing.

teslamazing | 5 februari 2020

Ahh I see. We use that analogy in the med field all the time. Fevers being an example.

Fredvanngo | 5 februari 2020

Be aware of the firmware 2020.4.1 autopilot ghost /shadow braking and disable the car in the middle of the hwy. Our Model 3 , long range RWD, May 2018, was suddenly freeze yesterday on the 405 Fwy near LAX on basic autopilot for no reason on the middle lane at 65 MPH max. It just stop and no thing move when I hit the acceleration pedal. Luckily, the cars in the back did not hit mine and honking like crazy. I and my wife was panic for a few minutes and I just push the two wheel buttons to reset the screen and everything backed to normal. I did the bug report to Tesla on the car and talk to one Mobile Service tech at the Westminster, OC Supercharge station regarding the scary situation. He check everything and send us a latest updated software to install ASAP for the firmware 2020.4.1 that just installed on my car over the last weekend. We were so scared that we did not use the Autosteer since yesterday incident. There was no warning on the screen but the " AutoSteer is not working" and the nothing was working until the car was reset. Tesla is aware of this issue now, and hopefully nobody has the same problem as ours. We will not use the Autosteer until we know there is the real root cause of the problem?

lbowroom | 5 februari 2020

"Haven't heard back but it doesn't sound good."

What doesn't sound good if you haven't heard back?

Fredvanngo | 5 februari 2020

The Sudden Stopping issue may be related to the firmware 2020.4.1 bugs for Autosteer on AP ? please be aware...

mferrazano | 10 februari 2020

Update: Car has been in SC for an entire week, and no one seems to know what is going on...apparently been elevated to Engineering to figure it out (some babble about pyro technic fuse)...sounds more like a battery issue. Will definitely let you know what finally transpires and when...

Frank99 | 10 februari 2020

The pyrotechnic fuse is the safety device that separates the main battery from the rest of the car in the case of an overload, accident (don’t wanna have the firemen touch a 400v car), etc. There have been a few reports of it blowing, IIRC most of the time it’s fault in the motor and you’ll get a new one of those.

mferrazano | 11 februari 2020

Frank99: apparently you are correct, just got word that the rear drive unit has to be replaced. Seems like they couldn't find the fault and decided to remove and replace the RDU and send the defective one back to Engineering. Luckily the car was just sitting in my garage when whatever went south did so..

One silver lining is I get an FSD computer installed.

WW_spb | 12 februari 2020


Fuzzball | 12 februari 2020

Thanks for the update. Good to be aware of some of these low probability but real issues...