Parking alignment

Parking alignment

When I back into a perpendicular parking space, the front end of the car inevitably is pointing to the left when I get out. The wheel guide lines appear parallel to the parking space lines on the rear camera. Anyone find this a problem also? Any suggestions?

M3phan | 9 februari 2020

I use the side mirrors for aligning a back in and the screen for how far back to go. I’m inconsistent with using just the lines on the backup view.

numrich | 9 februari 2020

I have always had problems using my backup camera guidelines, almost to the degree that they can make me feel like an idiot. Not sure if they are set in a misaligned manner or not. Always planned to have Tesla check the next (first) time I ever have to have the car at the service center, just has not happened yet.

Makes it more frustrating to me on the lack of a 360 camera (as with my prior Bolt) which would make the need for guidelines moot.

Stinnett | 9 februari 2020

How about parking somewhat right-ish to compensate, so you'll be straight-on when you exit?

Life is good but it's better in a Tesla.

thedrisin | 9 februari 2020

Some cars display a fixed rectangle in addition to the wheel guidelines. That also helps alignment

M3phan | 9 februari 2020

Luckily I have found and set a very good angle with my side mirrors and have had good success using them. I can park in an end spot and hug but not touch the curb on either side.

Sarah R | 9 februari 2020

I've been tempted to make a Youtube and tweet it to Musk, saying, " Fix this!"

One of the little things that should be easy to get right, but they don't.

Harriscott | 9 februari 2020

Sadly, a web search for "tesla backup camera alignment" shows that tweaks/videos have been tried for years with no luck. Someday auto-park will moot this, and is perhaps why Tesla hasn't bothered to improve the guide lines.

Harriscott | 9 februari 2020