Phone key and car battery drain

Phone key and car battery drain

Does having phone key with status 'connected'at phones notification area affect cars battery drain while parked?

Without opening app

rehutton777 | 10 februari 2020

No. My "Phone Key" indicator on the app normally says "connected", and I see no unusual battery drain when the phone is connected. Typically I will lose around one mile per day from normal battery drain when the car is parked.

EVRider | 10 februari 2020

No, but how are you seeing the phone status as being connected if the app isn’t open? With iOS, you can’t do that.

derotam | 10 februari 2020

With Android there is a constant notification at the top of the screen that shows the bluetooth connection status for Tesla.

P33 | 10 februari 2020

Makse sense and if it had stopped car from going to sleep it would have not shoed 'wake up' when opening app after few hours.

Seeing almost 10-15 mile drain when parked overnight in home garage so trying to figure out what may be issue there.

At home sentry mode is turned off (however HD is still plugged in) also i have no third party apps monitoring status. To mention again, i do not open app either. Doors, trunk all closed. Outside temp is about 30 to 35 F. I will unplug HD next few days and see.

Please let me know if any other suggestions.

walnotr | 10 februari 2020

Two standard questions, is summon standby on? Is cabin overheat protection on?

P33 | 10 februari 2020

I only have basic autopilot, so no FSD or summon features. Cabin overheat is disabled.