Bioweapon Denfense Mode

Bioweapon Denfense Mode

A few years ago, Tesla introduced the Bioweapon Defense Mode.

Curious if that feature still available? If so, it will be really timely for the CoronaVirus scare ... particularly in China :-) | 18 februari 2020

Standard on S/X for the last year or two. It's not available on the Model 3.

I've gone through an area with a fire burning along the freeway, and the smoke was so thick, you could only see about 10 feet. Crawled along at 2-3 mph following another car. With the filtering, we didn't smell any smoke inside the car. Can't say I've tested it for viruses yet :)

andy.connor.e | 18 februari 2020

Hope the hepa filter will be on the cybertruck

Yodrak. | 19 februari 2020

"Hope the hepa filter will be on the cybertruck"

Somehow this makes me think that a cybertruck option should be a device that enables the cybertruck to coal-roll an ICE pickup truck. Didn't one of the James Bond cars have a device to put out a smoke screen?

lessrandom | 19 februari 2020

Yeah it’s amazing how sensitive I’ve become to the smell of exhaust now that I’m not driving around in a cloud of it all the time. I want that hepa filter option on the model 3! Although to be honest usually it’s some Dino guzzling pickup that’s spewing out tonnes of NOx and passing the lumbering oaf is quickly done.

tew ms us | 20 februari 2020

The cybertruck needs a Bioweapon Offense Mode - a rear-firing fart blower would be enough.

andy.connor.e | 20 februari 2020

for me, most everything in the air bothers my asthma in prolonged exposure. So i would greatly appreciate having the HEPA in the cybertruck | 20 februari 2020

I give it a 80-90% chance of appearing on one of the Cybertruck varients. It has the space for it, where the M3 just doesn't have enough space for the filters. The primary filter is massive - maybe 10 times the size of typical cabin filters. The engineering and technology has been done in the S/X, so it could make for a fairly easy transition, although the super low cost of the Cybertruck could make it a feature that is not included in the base versions.

STEPHEN.BIEDA | 20 februari 2020

Have you guys seen this? Tesla’s “Bioweapon Defense Mode” Is As Effective As…A 2010 Mazda?

"Elon’s telling the truth, but not the whole truth. Tests I’ve done show that most cars already have a “bioweapon defense mode”: it’s called an air filter." | 20 februari 2020

@STEPHEN - I can only state my experience, in a number of cars, including the first Model S that didn't have the Biodefense filters. The Biodefense filters works exceptionally well - far better than other cars I've owned. It eliminates nasty odors, such as smoke and methane from cows. No other car came close, and these were higher-end luxury cars.

Sort of funny that the Mazda test is for particulates but didn't test for gases or other contaminants that are far riskier. With an ordinary paper filter found in most cars, it's not going to do anything for contaminates.

rxlawdude | 20 februari 2020

I question that smartairfilters article. What does that company sell? Well, lookie here:

So maybe sour grapes they don't have a contract with Tesla?