Mercedes catches fire in showroom

Mercedes catches fire in showroom

WW_spb | 20 februari 2020

And how is relevant to model 3?

WW_spb | 20 februari 2020

And how is it relevant to model 3?

sbeggs | 20 februari 2020

My mom's name is Mercedes. Thank God she wasn't in the showroom.

coselectric | 20 februari 2020

Look out for the media blanketing us tomorrow with stories about the dangers of internal combustion engines.

Ok, maybe not.

Mike83 | 20 februari 2020

Wow. First the Porsche Taycon and now they said two new Mercedes. Happy to own two Teslas.
I am pretty certain the media will ignore this.

mrburke | 20 februari 2020

Clearly German cars are a fire risk. First Porsche, and now Mercedes.

If you value your family, don't buy a German car.

kevin_rf | 20 februari 2020

Herb Chambers can't catch a break this week. First bored teens stole two Lamborghini's and big surprise crashed them. Now two Mercedes burn on the same day? I would hate to be the one underwriting the companies insurance.

The big positive, the building's sprinkler played a large roll in limiting the fire damage to only the vehicle. Sprinklers save lives.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 20 februari 2020

Mike83 | February 20, 2020.
“I am pretty certain the media will ignore this.”

Huh. I saw the original post. It’s a link. To a media publication. About this.

Mike83 | 20 februari 2020

Huh. Mainstream media not local. A Tesla fire would post a 1000 times on every clickbait news channel

bjrosen | 20 februari 2020

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi@ It's relevant because if an EV catches fire it's news around the world. There are 229,000 vehicle fires a year but they don't make the news. In this case it's a local story because it happened in an unusual place, a dealer showroom.

In terms of the amount of energy that's stored in a gas tank, an SUV like the one in the Mercedes fire has an 18 gallon gas tank. The Model 3's battery only has the equivalent of 9 quarts of gasoline, i.e. 1/20th as much as a gas tank.

Bighorn | 20 februari 2020

It also snarled traffic so people expect to hear why on their local news.

M-A-B-MCMLXXX | 20 februari 2020

@mike “ A Tesla fire would post a 1000 times on every clickbait news channel”

While I generally try to avoid clickbait, I sometime fail [case in point].

Ross1 | 21 februari 2020

The petrol/gas tank doesnt necessarily catch fire in a car fire.
Many instances of cars and fire trucks engulfed in bushfire/wildfires, the tank doesnt burn. Just how it is.
(Aus bushfire experience)

calvin940 | 21 februari 2020

"The petrol/gas tank doesnt necessarily catch fire in a car fire."
Uhm ya while that is possible in some cases, I don't think anyone wants to be around a big damn Molotov while a fire is burning around it because it "doesn't necessarily" catch fire.

JAD | 21 februari 2020

@Ross, that is actually a big issue. It often isn't the gas that catches fire. It is the 500 degree catalytic converter igniting dry grass (won't happen with an EV), or an oil leak causing the gunk around an old engine to catch fire from all the heat sources and burn (also won't happen with an EV).

Just more support of why EV's are less likely to cause fires, despite the general perception that the media has created with selective reporting.

95dawg | 21 februari 2020

Worked in a garage in my college days and I saw few cars a year that had coolant thermostat installed incorrectly (backwards.) Inevitable overheating, white smoke spewing out of radiator, and damage to components on the engine block. Fire risk for sure. Common mistake made by DIYers and mechanics.

ICE relies on a $20 part to prevent potential catastrophic failure and potential fire. DIY-ers, please don't try to replace it if you are not 100% confident. Or just get an EV.