Hyundai introduces joystick instead of steering wheel

Hyundai introduces joystick instead of steering wheel

I like it. Would take a little getting used to but I think the concept is good. Opens up the driver space a lot.

FISHEV | 5 maart 2020

Very cool. More like pistol grips than "joysticks", looks like airplane controls.

jlhm | 5 maart 2020

Nothing new, Saab did that on a concept car many years ago.

rxlawdude | 5 maart 2020

I can just imagine the sexual harassment claims when a guy asks his date to "hold his joystick."


Frank99 | 5 maart 2020

Would have made more sense if they’d put in a side-stick. If it’s good enough for an F16 or A380, it should be good enough for a concept car.

RickD | 6 maart 2020

Isn't that a regulatory issue? I know some countries that explicitly require wheels for steering in cars...

TranzNDance | 6 maart 2020

That is a great looking car. I hope it is more than a concept.

johncrab | 6 maart 2020

It would be nice to see that or something close to it on the road. I think of amazing GM concept cars and the disappointment which followed when they gave us instead, The Chevette, Volt, Bolt, Cadillac Seville and Cimmaron, etc.

jordanrichard | 6 maart 2020

Hyundai didn’t introduce anything that hasn’t been in one concept car or another, before, many years ago.

MySin_AZ | 6 maart 2020

Isn’t this our video game generation of kids a dream come true?