Front trunk hinge area?

Front trunk hinge area?

It seems to me that there's a missing piece of rubber to seal off the area around the front trunk hinges.
It's an open area that leads into the inner body area that looks like it would allow debris/leaves to fall into the body cavities.
And I'd also think that it would also allow outside air to be pushed into the cabin.

My hack to deal with this was to cut a couple 5x5 squares of soft black tool box liner to be cut/fit as washers that blanket and fit under and over the adjacent trim.

The liner material is pliable/flexible and doesn't interfere with the hinges.

Your thoughts?

Any reason this would be a bad idea?

Fastidious | 30 maart 2020

@brianmcpherson02, could you link a couple of images, with what you refer to, and the solution you have implemented?

brianmcpherson02 | 30 maart 2020
brianmcpherson02 | 30 maart 2020
M3phan | 30 maart 2020

Interesting. Don’t think it’s a problem though. That gap is no different than what my wife has on her 2019 Toyota 86 Under the front hood. Same kind of gapping near her hood pistons.