Any update on when FSD model3 will get HW 3.0?

Any update on when FSD model3 will get HW 3.0?

I was wondering if Tesla will notify us when they can upgrade or should I call them?

sanjaths | 7 mei 2020

BTW, mine is 2018 model, so current HW is 2.0 I think.

wiscy67 | 7 mei 2020

they're supposed to notify you. others have reported they can request this service through the Tesla app.

On your car's screen if you tap the car icon -> Software and then click the Additional vehicle info link you can see info about your car. Look for Autopilot computer. It's probably 2.5 | 7 mei 2020

@sanjaths - I'm fairly sure all M3 is either HW2.5 or the new ones already have HW3.0. The old HW2.0 is for the S/X back in late 2016 through mid-2017.

Tronguy | 7 mei 2020

I'm with @wiscy67. The M3's started coming with HW3.0 in the first quarter of 2019. After a couple of months there were a few reported waves of people getting calls to get the new comp swapped in. A fair number of people who had their cars in for other reasons got the swap.
As it happens, the SO and I pulled the trigger on FSD on her car last week. I tried for a swap using the app; the response was that they were temporarily out of stock, so the service visit was cancelled. I guess when they get back into stock they'll start doing replacements.
It's kind of like a SW upgrade: You see other people getting theirs, and you know you'll get yours, eventually, but you're a-gonna have to wait :).

syung61 | 8 mei 2020

I simply requested the FSD HW3.0 upgrade through the app. Syosset SC performed the HW3.0 upgrade 2 days later.

jojoe | 8 mei 2020

I just upgraded my 2018 Model 3 DM to HW3.0 in Burlingame CA. Super easy no touch drop off and pickup.

M3NOICE | 8 mei 2020

Make an appointment. If your car's upgrade is available then you will get it.

aperfectecho | 8 mei 2020

I was just going to wait, and roll it in to another service call, but I had a ranger come out for work on my wife's Model S, and I asked him about it. He checked the VIN, (9/2018 AWD LR) and said it was available for my VIN, so I scheduled it. Took 2 days, and everything seems faster, and I also got the latest software update a few days later.

Doug n Evie | 8 mei 2020

I think I'm in a similar situation to Tron guy. I just paid the upgrade fee for FSD. I paid 3k when car was purchased, and the price just went down from 7K to 4K. So I jumped on it.

Prior to these new releases I had no reason to, because I was getting all the features that I don't think I was supposed to be able to get. Even just paying the 3K for autopilot, I was getting nav on auto, advanced summon, pretty much everything.
And I'm curious if I would have gotten a slow poor attempt at the the new FSD features. But I'm sure they wouldn't upgrade my hardware without FSD on the books.

LeMR 19.

Regarding the upgrade of Chip, seems some people are still getting it in recent days. I wonder if a availability is based more on location or vin? Maybe my local spots in southern California have it but my car is just not far enough up in line yet. Or, if I tried to make an appointment out of town if that would make a difference?

12.11.1 but I don't see any stop sign or intersection features ir settings.

EVRider | 8 mei 2020

@Doug n Evie: When was your car produced? Sounds like you already had Enhanced Autopilot, though that used to cost $5,000. It's possible there was some special pricing for people who bought EAP around the time Tesla replaced that with basic AP, which later became standard.

AstroSteve | 9 mei 2020

EVRider - I was one of those that purchased the car online just before the FSD announcement (late Feb 2019). As I paid $5000 for Autopilot before FSD was $5000 and Autopilot became free, I was upgraded to FSD. Thanks Telsa!. Just as you suggested might have happened.

I requested the FSD HW3 computer upgrade (it is not a "chip") near the end of March via the App and it was scheduled and completed early April at the Cherry Hill SC. Installation time from drop-off to getting a software update notification was only a couple of hours or so. I would have waited had I known. They even offered a loaner Model S, but I didn't need it.

Love seeing the visualization screen detecting stop signs, traffic lights, cones, trash cans, and surprise surprise it shows the painted direction arrows on the road. Not driving much these days, but when I engaged TACC in town, it performed perfectly at the stop lights. Impressed I was.

So happy I bought Tesla and have FSD. Watched a video given by the Tesla head of AI at an AI/Machine Learning conference and it gave me greater confidence in what FSD can do. Elon may be right that LIDAR is a fools errand.

JustSaying | 9 mei 2020

Got mine this week during a scheduled service call(VIN 99XX) in 10 am out by 5.

zerogravitydrgn | 9 mei 2020

I brought my in for a windshield replacement and they did the computer as well. Never received a notification.

Doug n Evie | 9 mei 2020


I got mine in the short window they were doing mid-range. And in the short range they were doing AP.

found this from a previous thread in November...
Pre-March 1st, 2019 Options:
EAP Add On - $5,000
FSD Add On - $3,000

Post March 1st, 2019 to April 12th, 2019 Options:
No AP - Built In
AP - $3,000
FSD Add On - $5,000

Post April 12th, 2019 Options:
AP - Built In
FSD Add On - $5,000 (Now $6,000)

Got mine beginning of March, paid that 3K.

To the best of my knowledge it's probably one of those where the car was ordered with FSD by somebody who change their mind. I thought I was on a free trial that was going to end but it never did.

Was absolutely no need to upgrade because I was getting everything. The hardware change is what convinced me.

Lonestar10_1999 | 9 mei 2020

You forgot

EAP - Built in
FSD Add On - $4,000