Leasing Model 3

Leasing Model 3

Does anyone know how leases are prioritized with Tesla? Can I put the $1000 deposit down to reserve a spot for a lease?

Any Model S owners/leasees: Is it stupid to lease considering the amazing warranty Tesla offers?
I am tempted to lease because in the province of Ontario you get the full $14k incentive towards a lease as you would for a purchase. This strikes me as an amazing lease deal.

alinbuleu | 23 april 2016

The financing will be done at the end. Tesla gets paid regardless and doesn't care how you finance. Now from what I have noticed tesla leases suck. To lease a tesla model s is not worth it. I m not sure if the residual is really low or the demand allows them to keep the lease rates high. I hope this changes as I would prefer to lease if the lease is decent.

jordanrichard | 23 april 2016

No one knows the details of the car itself, never mind what financing options will be available. When one makes a deposit, it is for a car, not a specific financing/leasing arrangement.